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Till Lindemann: Frontman, Pyromaniac, Poet

I enter the gym and prepare to stretch. I can’t work out without music, and since the MU Rec Center’s choice of tunes troubles me (Katy Perry? Really?), I opt for my own. … Continue reading

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Sprang Break!!!

Spring Break is a right of passage for college kids around the world. Every year in the U.S. sometime around mid-march, thousands of students perform the grand migration down south … Continue reading

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Greek Comfort Food: Lahanodolmades me Avgolemono

My mother will forever reign supreme in the culinary arts. She has the ability to recreate almost any dish, and if she isn’t satisfied enough, she will alter the recipe … Continue reading

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Gumball 3000: 3000 miles, 7 days road trip all over the world.

  May 23rd in Stockholm, Sweden, 2015 gumball 3000 rally would be held with 50 multinational combination of teams, 2 drivers per car, starting to go through Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, … Continue reading

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8,000 Feet Above Sea Level

I always thought flying in an airplane was the closest thing to being up in the clouds. I was wrong. I traveled to Peru in December of 2013 with my … Continue reading

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English-ifying the World

Group post by Carolin Lehmann, Angie Pi, Connie Liou, Sara Bechtold, and Sam Roth Communication is one of the most fundamental tools of human existence, and stretching back to the … Continue reading

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Food: A Trip Around the Globe

Food is the power of the world. It drives the human mind and body, driving and developing the world that we live in today. Observing this universal use of food, … Continue reading

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LGBT Issues Across Borders

From an American perspective, when we think of France, we think of them as generally being more progressive with regards to aspects of life such as trends, socializing, and relationships. … Continue reading

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Russia, Right-Wing Extremism, and the Threat to European Unity

By David Campbell & C.T. Souder  The response on the part of Europe’s extreme right-wing towards Russia’s posturing has been, well, positive. In nearly all instances, the extreme right has … Continue reading

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À bientôt, Paris!

I was fortunate enough to start my international travel endeavors early than most in life; as a seventeen year old that had just graduated high school, I was privileged enough … Continue reading

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FIFA’s Effect on the World

Since its founding in 1930, the Fifa World Cup has grown to be one of the largest recognized sporting events among the globe. After the first World Cup series, taking place … Continue reading

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Same Boots Different Culture

Since the beginning of the 1990s, U.S. women’s professional soccer players, such as Michelle Akers and Mia Hamm, have worked to build and grow the women’s game, especially at the … Continue reading

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Walking on History: Recent Archeological Finds in Europe

For centuries, the continent of Europe has continued to grow despite it being confined to an area of land. Europe has grown in depth with having built layers upon layers … Continue reading

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France’s climate change commitments

I sat numbingly and mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed, my eyes unenthused crescent moons, my fingers robotic, my body a stone. After irrelevant minutes, I came across a … Continue reading

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