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Kimchijeon: Korean Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi, pronounced kim-chee, is a traditional fermented Korean vegetable side dish. It is served at almost every Korean restaurant and made in almost every Korean household. There are hundreds of … Continue reading

April 23, 2015


Starting in the early 1960’s, the British Invasion swept America with rock and roll. Beginning with the Beatles and Rolling Stones, British rock has dominated the States. While the British … Continue reading

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Studying Journalism in the US vs in Germany

The path to a journalism degree seems obvious: choose a college, declare journalism as your major, graduate, accept a job in the field. Simple. I always figured this process was … Continue reading

April 22, 2015

La Grande Bellezza

I recently watched Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty and am in awe. The film is worth seeing, if only for the glamorous scenes of Rome it offers. Read any blog about this … Continue reading

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Is It Right to Be Forgotten?

Have you ever wished to take something embarrassing off the internet? Maybe it’s a quote of yours, an article about you, or even unflattering pictures of yourself. In the EU … Continue reading

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To Zoo or Not to Zoo

All around the globe animals in captivity have become a popular spectacle for people of all ages. While this concept has existed for several centuries, zoological parks have more recently … Continue reading

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Tainted Love: Germany, Greece, and the Economic Blame Game

By Hayden Huff, David Campbell, Jacob Diamond, and C.T. Souder  Hayden Huff: In 1999 seventeen countries transitioned from individual economies to one financial system known as the European Union. The … Continue reading

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French Immersion: My Happy Place

Sometimes when my anxiety is a little too much to handle, I take a moment to close my eyes and go back to my happy place. A place of sweet … Continue reading

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Is a Two-State Solution possible?

This post was written by Tim Kelly, Hyun Seung Noh, Allissa Fisher and Ashton Knippenberg In his 2010 article, “One State/Two States: Rethinking Israel and Palestine”, Danny Rubinstein presents the … Continue reading

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Gamergate: Not Just an American Phenomenon

In August 2014, Zoe Quinn, a female game developer, was the topic of a series of blog posts by her ex-boyfriend claiming she cheated on him with journalists in the … Continue reading

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Deaf Culture Across the Globe: The life of the deaf in France, India and the U.S.

Deaf Culture describes the social beliefs, behaviors, literature, art, values, traditions and shared customs that unite those within the deaf and hard of hearing community. This community finds solidarity in … Continue reading

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Gender Wage Gap: Fact or Fiction?

Equal Pay Day signifies how far into the year a woman must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.  This year, Equal Pay Day was on April … Continue reading

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Carnival Around The World

Carnival is an official Catholic holiday celebrated in numerous countries including Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Jamaica, Malta, Croatia and Mexico that kicks off a five-day celebration before the Catholic lent begins … Continue reading

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Societal responses to “Women Against Feminism”

Feminism is an idea and movement that has been critiqued by all groups of humans, and has been changing and evolving throughout history. Though there have been various waves and … Continue reading

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