Olympic Slogan or Katy Perry’s Next Album?

To create buzz 500 days before the 2014 winter games Russia announced the slogan for the Sochi games, “Hot.Cold.Yours.”  I would present two sides to this topic, but except for the Olympic committee everyone seems to be against the new slogan. The USA Today interviewed Sochi 2014 president and CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko and he explained the slogan like this:

“‘Hot’ indicates sports passions and the Games’ venue. ‘Cool’ stands for the time of the year and for how Russia is perceived by the rest of the world, and ‘Yours’ means shorter distances and the inclusive nature of the event.”

The USA Today blogger says the slogan sounds more like;

1. A failed Stuart Scott catchphrase.

2, Rejected marketing campaign for McDonald’s 1980s flop, the McDLT. (“Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool,” was the actual one.)

3. The title of Katy Perry’s next album.

Here a YouTube link to the McDonald commercial referenced.

The slogan was not taken well on Twitter in Russia either.  The Atlantic explains translation is not as clear as the committee originally announced to the English media.  It says the more literal translation is “Hot. Wintry. Yours.” He also says the term, ‘hot’, is more than just temperature.  In its context its meaning is closer to passionate, fervent, or sultry. This different meaning has had Russians running to Twitter with sexual jokes.  Here are some examples of of the Twitter sexual references:

Tweets from The Atlantic


All joking aside… the slogan sucks!  Its not like it even had a lot to live up to. London’s slogan was “Inspire a Generation.”  Not much better if you ask me.  The best thing for the Sochi Olympics is that people are talking about this slogan rather than delayed construction or other problems that will arise along the way.

Come the times of the games no one will be talking about how bad the slogan is.  Most people don’t even know there is an Olympic slogan… and Sochi better hope it stays that way.







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