The EuroKulture bloggers are a diverse collection of undergraduate students at the University of Missouri. We aim to explore the minute and vast corners of the Internet, in attempts to unite culture and knowledge from the world over. With our study of a wide range of disciplines— including journalism, political science, German, Russian, and French, information technology, international relations, and communications— each student offers his or her own area of expertise.

Our goal with EuroKulture is to tie together popular trends, special interests, and interesting or strange news from around Europe. We analyze blogs and websites, written in English, Russian, French, and German; all with the hope of successfully translating both language and culture.

We hope to interpret, explain, and summarize why and how culture happens in Europe. Perhaps more importantly, we hope to contextualize the current events we come across and show the reader why it matters. We see ourselves as innovators, bridging language and cultural gaps by way of the vast blogosphere.

EuroKulture is interested in the many ways in which popular culture occurs, through language, music, art, and everyday life.

For information, contact:

Sean Franzel, German and Russian Studies Department

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