Across the borders on Motorcycle

Recently I’ve watched a video, called ‘what can you do with 40 000 RMB’ (6,278.15 US dollar). It talks about a newly married couple, a Chinese girl and a German boy who spent almost 4 months travelling by motorcycle from Shanghai to Hamburg, Germany. I can hardly imagine that someone would give up his job and spent almost all his money to travel in such a crazy way.

Of course, for most Chinese people this is totally crazy. But for Germans, it seems it’s kind of normal. When I was in China, I met an old lady from Germany who was giving a photograph show in our university. In her show, she presented the photo she has taken while crossing countries from Europe to Asia on her motorcycle.


So I did a little research on motorcycle traveling of Germans. Then I found a website, Entdecke dein Abenteuer. This guy successfully travelled around the world with his motorcycle and he published a book about his trip. If anyone is interested in such a way of travelling, you can definitely find lots of useful information on his blog.


Every time I saw those people in leather jacket and leather pants driving Harleys on the highway, I thought they were so cool. Riding a motorcycle is absolutely a total different experience than driving a car. And it’s a good method to relieve stress. Someone even wrote an article about it Motorrad-Reisen als Therapie für gestresste Manager.

Although I think travelling by motorcycle is kind of cool, but there are still lots of problems. If it is raining, what can you do? Riding through the rain, would that be too cold? I do admire those people taking adventure in such an abnormal way. But for me, a person who always thinks too much, well, I’d rather take a train.