Advertising Trends in Australia: Memorable And Dark PSAs

Dumb Ways to Die

How can you forget one of Australia’s most memorable PSAs about the Metro: “Dumb Ways to Die.” The campaign became a world sensation and the memorable song even was put on iTunes because of its popularity! This campaign shows cartoon “people” dying in dumb ways in order to promote public safety while using the Metro. They even went as far to create an interactive website and video game to go along with their message.

But recently Australian PSAs have taken a darker turn with “Set Yourself Free” by using real people in a ridiculous and horrifying situation. Although, for public consumption, this PSA takes a shocking turn for the worst that may be too graphic for some viewers.

Set Yourself Free - Caroline Elliott

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s what happens: “Set Yourself Free” depicts teenagers going from school to the beach and subsequently getting blown to bits because they didn’t read the trespassing sign. All of this is to encourage the teenage audience not to drop out of school. Interestingly enough the video has gone viral for its unique and terrifying take on PSAs. Yet again, the Australians are in the lead for most shocking and creative PSA, in my opinion.