Alain Ducasse, Renowned French Chef

When you think of France, a few things come to mind: Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, sitting down for a coffee at a quaint little Cafe, and the beautiful French country side. But we mustn’t forget one important aspect of French culture that can’t be ignored: French cuisine. From the light, airy pastries, the scrumptious macaroons, to the Bouillabaisse, or maybe the Duck à l’Orange, French cuisine is a major part of French culture, and one of the most famous chefs of this generation is Alain Ducasse. 


Alain Ducasse is a world renowned French chef. A French native, he has 23 restaurants and 3 inns, creating more of an enterprise out of his own name. He also has created a gastronomy program in Paris for aspiring culinary artists. Ducasse has been active in his restaurants, hotels, culinary arts, and projects for over thirty years. His love for food, culture, and travel has expanded his culinary reach and influence throughout the world. His  restaurants are located in 8 different countries, including the United States.





Pictured above is Alain Ducasse at a local farmer’s market in Cubao. He is adamant about using local resources no matter where he is, and frequently immerses himself into a country’s culture.


(Photo: Danny Kim)


Although he enjoys traveling to exotic and new places in order to further his learning and to find ingredients to implement into his restaurants, he still remembers his French roots, and resorts back to some of his classic recipes. In an interview, Ducasse said that he felt most proud of his Cookpot, (pictured above) which is a slow-cooked casserole of seasonal vegetables. 


Since 1972, at age 16, Ducasse has been involved in restaurants. Beginning locally near his home in Southwestern France, he made himself known at a young age, gaining experience through apprenticeships and small jobs, leading him to an assistant position under Roger Verge. His first position as a chef was in 1980, and he hasn’t looked back. Now at age 59, he holds 21 Michelin stars. Even more impressive, Ducasse has already began progressing to the next step: taking French cuisine to Space.

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