Barbeque… On The Radio?


Mmmmmmmm.... Burger. Photo © 2010 Patrick T. Fallon

In Paris, the sounds of summer fill the air, the sizzle of chicken and vegetables on the barbeque.

Yet, there is not a BBQ in sight, just a radio tuned to television and radio personality Laurent Mariotte’s program on France Info.

With chef Alain Ducasse, a three star Michelin Guide chef, Mariotte has “orchestrated the barbecue on the airwaves” – installing a grill for the program outside of the radio studio among the buildings and parking lots of the city.

Teasing the listener’s taste buds, the program draws its audience into a friendly and appetizing atmosphere.
It discusses the flavors and tastes inspired by the grilled marinated chicken and seasonal veggies, inspires one to bring friends over and grill at home tonight.

Hearing the sounds and talk of the flavors and tastes is a twist on the traditional Television cooking program, where you can see the food. Just hearing the cooking allows you to think about and imagine how it looks and tastes – putting your mind to work to think of a meal to create on your own.

In France, like most of Europe, meals are not the quick grab and scarf event that Americans have created. They are an extended social event, discussing food, culture and life. This program emphasizes that aspect of food – even if you can’t actually eat any of it yourself – why not relax a little bit and enjoy the experience of cooking and eating?

En français with Paris March. Listen to Laurent Mariotte avec Alain Ducasse on France Info.

One thought on “Barbeque… On The Radio?

  1. Barbecue can’t be on the radio!

    Ohh I see what you mean after reading this post. The title just made me want to find out if there is really such a strange sounding phenomenon.

    I can’t imagine actually trying to learn to cook something new from the radio. And this would be torture if you are hungry. I just don’t know though…
    Is it possible to stream this audio online?

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