Belgium’s unpleasant export

Aren’t exports supposed to make you money? Well not always. Think of toxic waste, garbage and sewage…  if you have something unpleasant that must be stored and you can’t store it, you are gonna have to pay someone who can… even if it’s people.

Apparently there is no room at the Inn in Belgium Jails.

It was recently announced that in order to house all of its inmates, Belgium will begin to export their inmates to the Netherlands. Belgium will rent 500 cells at the Dutch Tilburg prison.

Belgium will send roughly 500 prisoners away for three years and pay 30 million euros (44.5 million U.S. dollars) for sending its detainees across the border.

Dutch officials say, “No prisoners who are an escape risk or a risk to society will be sent to Tilburg.”

You could also look at it from the other point of view. Why do the Dutch have so many empty jail cells to spare? Although 30 million euros for 500 cells for three years is a nice chunk of change, I wonder why only three years… bet they are building something.

The partnership means that prisoners will be guarded by Dutch wardens, but the prison director will be Belgian. This has created some controversy over how the prisoners will be treated. In Belgium, prisoners may receive visitors three times a week, while those in the Netherlands may only receive guests once a week. The problem is that treating some prisoners better than others could cause conflict within the prison, but if they treat the Belgian prisoners the same as the ones from the Netherlands, then that is equal to imposing an additional punishment on the prisoners which they don’t deserve.

Humm, I don’t know that much about how prisoners are treated here in America, but receiving guests once a week still sounds fairly generous.

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