Blooming Heather – Holland Countryside

Blooming from “July till September,” the heather fields of Holland are beautiful in the summer afternoon sun. As the sheep feed on the soft fluffs of purple, the heather waves in the wind.

The Dutch are crazy about their sheep: “Ah, there is so much to say about sheep,” says a Dutch shepherd. Although there is a lot to say, there also is a lot to see.

These are some photos I took in the Dutch countryside, sheep and all.

Sheep-Heather-Caroline-ElliottSheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-3Sheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-2 Sheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-6 Sheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-5 Sheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-4 Sheep-Heather-Caroline-Elliott-1