Can we joke about Hitler?

For better or for worse, there is a fairly popular blog site called Hipster Hitler. This site posts cartoons that depict Adolf Hitler as a goofy fashion freak. The cartoon brings up familiar events and phrases from Nazi Germany in World War 2 in a lighthearted way, as if there were no deep negative emotions attached to them.

Instead of describing the cartoon, as to draw attention to it, I want to consider the viewers’ opinions. Do people think it is funny? morbid? totally inappropriate?

Personally, I find the site disgusting. This is because the main subject of the cartoon is the person who is responsible for a genocide. I am unable to laugh about the content, which so ignorantly makes jokes about ideas that are deeply rooted in hate and prejudice.

This blog from Austria gives us a chance to look at the opinions of some German speakers through comments. One blogger from Vienna seems to play along with the joke:

“Save the Panzer” 🙂
Billiger wenn man sich selber macht.

Referring to a T-shirt available from the site, this blogger just says ‘it would be cheaper to make the shirt yourself’.

This next blogger comments:

Alles was mit Hilter in Verbindung steht ist viel ZU TRAGISCH als dass man sich ueber ihn LUSTIG machen koennte. Ich wuerde ihm keine Aufmerksamkeit mehr schenken – weder positiv noch humorvoll und nicht einmal kritisch. “Ned amoil ignoriern” waer’ meine Devise. Sich der Geschichte bewusst zu bleiben? JA. Jedwede andere Aufmersamkeit? NEIN!

>>Anything that is connected to Hitler is way to tragic for one to make fun of it. I would not pay any more attention to him – Neither positive nor humorous and never critical. ‘Just ignore it’ would be my motto. To keep ones self aware? YES. Any other attention? NO!

The main point of this comment is that this topic is too tragic to joke about. This person thinks that people shouldn’t pay any more attention to Hitler than knowing the facts.

There was an opinion poll on the Austrian blog site that is unfortunately now closed. I do not have the exact data anymore, but the vast majority of more than 100 people found that the cartoon is very funny and well accepted.

Please try to overcome the taboo nature of this post and provide your feedback. Does this cartoon make you smile? laugh? cry? blog about it?

One thought on “Can we joke about Hitler?

  1. Koennen Sie mir bitte die Ergebnisse der Abstimmung schicken? Diese Information waere hilfreich fuer ein Projekt an meiner Uni. Danke.
    >> Can you please send me the results of the poll? This information would be helpful for a project at my University. Thanks.

    RE: Die Auswertung der Abstimmung ist jetzt wieder online.
    Wir bitten den technischen Fehler zu entschuldigen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Ihr KURIER Team
    >> The scores from the poll is now back online. We ask you to excuse the technical mistake.

    So now you can see the poll: and most people think it’s funny.

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