Christmas in Europe

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Christmas is the most festive time in the United States. Christmas trees and Christmas lights are everywhere, and families gather to spend Christmas together. Typically, in the Christmas morning, families open gifts under the tree. Listening to Christmas carols and watching Christmas-themed movies, families have a great time. For Christmas drinks and snacks, you can’t miss eggnog and gingerbread men. Also families enjoy big holiday dinner. If you are in one of the European countries, your Christmas experience would be different. How is it different?

In Italy, having a meatless dinner and attending a midnight mass is a Christmas eve tradition. On Christmas day, people have meat-based dinners. Unlike in the United States, in Italy, children receive gifts on January 6th, which is the 12th day of Christmas. That is because the three Wise Men visited and gave gifts to Jesus. Also, instead of Santa Claus, La Befana leaves gifts in the children’s stockings in Italy.

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If you are in Germany on Christmas, you will see traditional German Christmas markets. While not many cities have Christmas markets in the United States, most of the towns in Germany hold Christmas markets where you can feel the beautiful Christmas atmosphere. There, you can buy food, drinks, winter items and so on. That’s not all. In many German markets, you can meet people singing, dancing and performing a play about the birth of Jesus. Germany started its Christmas market tradition more than 6 centuries ago. The first market was the Dresden Christmas market. If you want to feel the German Christmas atmosphere, Dresden Christmas market would be one of the best places to be during Christmas season!