Color choices of outfits, College Students in America and Germany

“Anni, do you have more than 3 colors on you?”, “Do I?”

A friend of mine who has spent several years in Austria told me that Americans dress differently than Germans or Austrians. They pay extreme attention to color match. If they wear red, the accessories such as a bracelet or errings would also be the same color or at least match the color. It’s hardly possible to imagine that a German wears more than 3 colors on him or her. I was wondering if this is true, so I asked my German friend Anni. She was so nervous and checked her clothes to make sure she is OK.

The most common look of our Mizzou students is Mizzou T-shirt+ shorts or jeans. It’s easy and they don’t need to spend too much time on picking clothes.

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When I was doing research on the German students’ outfit, I felt everyone has a different style and they do spend some time on picking clothes.

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A big difference I found between American and German students on color matching is, if a German student chooses a bold color such as red as the main color for his or her outfit, he or she would not wear another bold color such as orange. They won’t have two main colors at the same time. However, the color choices of American students seems to be more free. They can have a yellow T-Shirt + jeans + pink socks or whatever they like. They don’t care about color matching, or in other words they have a totally different philosophy on color matching.

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  1. Achso, jezt checke ich das erst alles. Ich fragte mich, warum alle sich totlachen wenn ich die orange Jacke mit der grünen Hose trage.
    Meint ihr, dass die Klamottenauswahl der Studenten von Mizzou mit Studenten von anderen Americanischen Universitätet zu vergleichen ist?

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