Could America Collapse Like the USSR

There was no doubt Americans were split over the November Presidential election, but one Russian writer believes this is exactly how some Russians wanted it.  Following the election Republicans, Tea Party members, and other anti-Obama supporters signed petitions to secede from the United States. More than 500,000 people signed the secession movement from nearly every state.  Many Russians who still are sour about the Soviet Union collapse in the 1990’s would like to see the same from the U.S.A.

Even some public figures in Russia are jumping on board to see America separate. One TV personality, Maxim Shevchenko, wanted Russia to give grants to the “separatists” leaders.

A former Russian national security analyst wrote a book in 2008 about the collapse of America.  He argued the states would collapse into six parts by 2010. He was wrong, but argues if the United States does collapse Russia would get Alaska back and become a world superpower again, causing many Russians to root against America.

Comment on Russia’s Misery Loves U.S. Company

This comment on the article depicts how America relates to the USSR.  Brezhnev (Obama) was Russia’s General Secretary equivalent to America’s president until 1982.  He expanded the military and made Russia a world power, but ignored huge economic problems at home.  Gorbachev (The next president) came into a mess and was unable to save it.  He was the USSR’s General Secretary when it collapsed in 1991. Yeltsin (Possibly Jeb Bush) came to try and save the day. His transition to a free market economy and failed social programs ended up putting most of the wealth in Russia into the hands of a few people now called oligarchs.

That scenario definitely does not look good for the U.S.A, but many Russians forget that if America collapses so does the entire world economy.  This commenter did not.

Comments on Russia’s Misery Loves U.S. Company

Bottom line is we are all in this together.  The world has become smaller and more interconnected than ever before.  When one country fails, Greece, we all fail.

I know people who shared the sentiment of the people who signed the secession petitions and for the first time since the civil war I can see where they are coming from.  Washington is broke and is going to take a lot to fix, if its not past that point already, but having other countries root against the U.S. will definitely not help.



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