Croussis Festival: Making an Artistic Beat

This fall Greece will see the 10th Croussis Festival in Corinth. The festival, making a non-annual schedule of its own, started in Athens in 1998. Since then it has traveled to Lefkada (1999-2001), Saint Petersburg (2003), and Arta (2008-2011).

The festival takes place through September and features, as its main draw, concerts from 128 artists total, fifty of them calling Corinth their home.

The concerts aren’t the only part of the festival though. From the 26th to the 30th there will be a type of fair for the general public where they can take part in seminars, classes, and food tastings from countries involved in the festival. These classes are being taught by people from all over and by all ages. Other events include workshops, clinics, and art exhibits.

Artistic director, Nick Touliatou, has made this year’s festival richer than ever as it spans the entire area of Corinth. Touliatou also worked on getting environmental issues involved, educating people on the problems at hand and what they can do to help.

Although the festival is taught by a wide range of ages and participated in by even more, the real goal of the festival aims at the younger crowd. They want to spark creativity in children who visit, even if it does not happen in percussion or one of the tents they stop by, they just want the kids to take an artistic path, to create and to imagine.