Public Enemy Number One Part 1

You’ve been told most of your life about the deadly bacteria invisible to the eye that hides in your home. You’re given a list of the usual suspects as to the source: critters in the carpet, mold in the air ducts and even your toothbrush.

The newest culprit in the line-up is your cell phone, you know that piece of plastic you can’t leave the house without, and France is taking extreme measures to protect its citizens from harm.

On October 7th, the French Senate passed a bill prohibiting the use of cell phones in nursery schools, primary schools and college. The bill makes it mandatory that researchers make public any new information about cell phone risks to others among other health requiremnts, mainly that cell phone manufacturers make amends to limit the amount of electromagnetic exposure to the brain.


This was not the French government’s first action against cell phones. In Januray of this year they banned the advertisement of mobile phones to children. Some of the guidelines mentioned:

  • Cannot sale a cell phone made for children under six years of age.
  • Advertising for mobiles cannot be directed to children under age of 12
  • New limits for phone radiation and the requirement of an earpiece.

The sudden crackdown has raised the question about dangers from electromagnetic waves across France as people ask: What are the real dangers? Studies have been conducted by various outlets about the dangers of cell phone use, with the results ranging from irregular sleep to blocking or decreasing agents that protect from cancer.

One French article goes even further and points out that the cell phones are not the only danger — it might be best to turn off wi-fi at night.

The problem of cell phones causing severe health risks reached the worldwide stage recently in a September International Conference in Washington D.C. The main focus in studies across Europe and America have been children as they are more suceptible to damage from the electromagnetic waves.

Throughout the tide of information about cell phone’s possible dangers, researchers put a possible bright side on the situation as they stress that the study of the cell phone’s effects is fairly new, as is the cell phone itself.

Food for Thought: The new laws bring up an abundance of questions but my main one: Was it really necessary to ban cell phones in classrooms, especially colleges? We’ve been told that things such as red meat, kissing and under arm shaving could cause cancer. How, if at all, will this affect the purchase of cell phones in France?

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