Detective Conan in German and foreign movies in German


Have you seen “Detektive Conan”,a famous Japanese cartoon series? Maybe you haven’t seen it but you might have heard of it. It’s is one of my favorite cartoons and I keep following it. Since it’s a Japanese cartoon, of course the lead character Conan speaks Japanese. However, if one day Conan speaks German, what would it be like? Below is a video of “Detektiv Conan  Folge 286 Kampf Im Gericht” .

It is strange for me to see Conan speaking German, however, it’s really good material for me to learn German. So I did some research and found out, in Germany this cartoon series was actually broadcasted by RTL II since 10 April 2002. So far 333 episodes of German translation are available. However, since 2006, no more new episodes were broadcasted. Still, it is very crazy, 333 episodes of Conan in German! If you’re a fan of Conan and German, please check this out “Detektive Conan“.

The German Conan reminded me of a Chinese movie with German dubbing, “Internal affairs”. I’ve seen the Mandarin and German version and was so amazed that the voices in 2 versions are so alike, except the languages are different.

It seems that the Germans have imported lots of foreign movies and TV series, especially those come from the US. The only thing they altered in these imported things is the voices. I rarely see the Germans making their own version of these series/movies, as opposed to how often the US makes original movies and series.  For example, the Americans made their own “Internal affairs” rather than giving English dubbing to the original movie. I was wondering why would this happen. Maybe it’s because that the Germans don’t have a big movie industry and making another film would cost lots of money and it just so happens that the demands on movies and TV-series are so huge that they have to develop the dubbing industry to balance this. In the contrary, Americans have a highly developed TV and movie industry, so they don’t have to do this like the Germans.

Here is some supplementary information regarding German dubbing speaker : “Meine Top 10 der deutschen Synchronsprecher“.