Pirates Taking Over Germany?

Pirate party.

Picture from P2P-Blog

Sounds like the theme of every kids 5th birthday party right? Well to some that may be accurate, but I’m not talking about birthday parties. I’m talking about a growing political movement across Europe, especially in Germany. The Piratenpartei (pirate party) is a political movement that is focused on conserving the civil rights of German citizens. Sounds kind of familiar right? Think back to the 1960’s, America had a civil rights movement. This movement is different however, this isn’t about racial equality, and this is about preserving the safety and secrecy of German citizens.

Since their founding in 2006, the party has quickly grown in power and in membership. In the most recent elections, the Piratenpartei got over 9% of the vote, which in Germany is quite impressive.  The party is very popular amongst younger libertarian people. They all believe in the same thing; the government should be more transparent, they want less surveillance of the citizens, and they generally want more civil rights when it comes to the Internet.

Picture from P2P-Blog

Recently Germany passed a law called the Access impediment act. The act is much like the one proposed in Russia and currently being enforced in several other countries throughout the world. The law limits what people can and cannot access on the Internet, i.e.: child pornography, illegally downloading music/ movies, etc… the Piratenpartei is staunchly against this law.  They are also against the surveillance of citizens and the “wiretapping of telephones”.

I personally believe that this party is a great thing. Although the German government is arguably more transparent then our own government, I still believe that there should be more access to government documents and that wire tapping/ spying on the citizens should be illegal. The Piratenpartei has gained power in other European countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, France), and I believe that it will continue to spread around the world.

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