Elle Me Dit (She Tells Me)

The energetic British music artist, Mika, plans to release his new album, “L’Origine d’Amour” in 2012. What’s different about this album is that most of the songs are in French. Mika’s two previous albums were in English despite the fact that he grew up in Paris. This album is also more sophisticated but also encompasses Mika’s happy, upbeat melody. The twelve songs on this album are all about love. The single for this album, “Elle Me Dit,” was released in July. Here’s the music video!

The video kind of surprised me. I thought there would be more dancing considering the chorus of the song is, “Elle me dit danse,” which means “she tells me to dance.” I love the song and the energy that it possesses. Even if you don’t speak French, it’s fun to dance to. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of Mika’s new album.

Mika’s previous album, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” was released in English, but Mika performed a French version of his song “Grace Kelly” while performing in Paris. I think that it’s really great, maybe even better than the English version. You can watch his live performance in Paris of the French version below.

The date for the release of the album has not been determined yet but it will be sometime in 2012. “Elle Me Dit” is still not available in U.S. iTunes stores. If you would like to download the song, you can find it here: Elle Me Dit – Mika