Europeans Don’t Get Taco Bell Breakfast

You’re not dreaming.

Taco Bell Breakfast

It’s here.


I can officially say I tried Taco Bell breakfast. I admit, it wasn’t horrible. I wasn’t sick three hours later like I thought I might be.


There’s no doubt, though, there’s been a lot of hype about Taco Bell’s latest attempt to rival other fast food giants. But after seeing the “Breakfast wars” that has started between Taco Bell and McDonald’s…

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… it got me thinking. Are people abroad just as interested in Taco Bell breakfast as American’s are? I mean McDonald’s is everywhere, is Taco Bell?

According to Huffington Post, Canada won’t get Taco Bell breakfast until the country takes Justin Bieber back.


Via Huffington Post

But for people in Europe, they’re pretty much out of luck. Most of Taco Bell’s attempts to take on the world have failed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s because:

“The challenge will be going to countries where Mexican food isn’t popular and persuading customers to try the Americanized version sold at Taco Bell.”

In Greece, Taco Bell withdrew from the market two years after it opened it’s first store there. Pepsico tried opening several Taco Bell locations in Moscow during the early 90s. That venture lasted only a few years, and they now operate under different ownership and a different name. (Via Wikipedia)

There’s none in Germany either. Some locals don’t even know what the chain is. Others say Taco Bell is banned from opening there because of contracts the company has with the U.S. Military. (Via Toytown Germany)

The parent company of Taco Bell, Yum!, has plans to expand to Britain. In fact, the UK was the first European country with a Taco Bell, but most of those locations closed as well.

Via Taco Bell UK

Via Taco Bell UK

There is, however, one in Cyprus that has remained open.

Via Wikimedia Commons / Cyprusnic

Via Wikimedia Commons / Cyprusnic

For now it looks like most Europeans won’t get the chance to try Taco Bell breakfast unless they travel to the states. But no hurry, though! There’s no need to come rushing. You’re not missing out on much.