Les Trois Coups mixes street performance and comedy with their music.

French Busking Band is a HIT at T/F Film Fest

Les Trois Coups (a French busking band) recently visited the U.S. to perform at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri.

Press play to watch a slideshow to learn more about Les Trois Coups. There is also a video of them performing and links to their social media pages below. Enjoy!


Here is a short video I created about one of their performances during True/False.

To learn more about Les Trois Coups feel free to check out their Bandcamp, Facebook, and Blog.

To learn more about busking, check out my last blog post, The Art of Busking.







2 thoughts on “French Busking Band is a HIT at T/F Film Fest

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  2. Shannon!

    Thanks for posting this. Great work. I like your style too. Your photo work and their placement is flawless.


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