Frightened in France

An earlier Eurokulture post discusses some of the most popular sites to visit in France, and Paris in particular, according to the folks who live there. I thought it was worth revisiting the idea with a particular theme in mind: Halloween.

Pere La Chaise Cemetery

Pere La Chaise Cemetery

Halloween is a popular holiday in America, with sales of scary costumes, haunted houses and other frightening parapahenalia.

Even if they don’t relish all the elements of Halloween like Americans do, the French do have some “skeletons in the closet and a sordid past,” this blogger says in a post about the weirdest and scariest locations in Paris.

No. 1 on the list is the Catacombs, which visitors can tour daily. Joan of Arc‘s ghost supposedly haunts the basilica at Le Bois-Chenu Domremy, and one of the sites houses the ghost of Marie Antoinette.

Most of the places on the list are castles or locations where ghosts have allegedly been sighted, but the list surprisingly includes EuroDisney. What could be scary about Mickey Mouse?

What are the American counterparts that might be included? Salem, Massachusetts, home of the witch trials, comes to mind. Where else would you suggest?