Gears of Old Left in the Cold: Moscow Soccer Team’s Logo Torpedoed by Police

Torpedo Moscow’s Symbol Under Torpedo Fire. // Credit: Wikipedia

Russian police have decided that second-division Torpedo Moscow’s 82 year-old logo is no longer acceptable for public consumption – which may be a bitter pill to swallow for fans of the old Moscow team.

The logo, shows a stylized “T” with the words “1930” written in the bottom in the foreground.

The background is the issue. The T covers a light gray mechanical gear and a darker gray torpedo-like car. City of Moscow police believe the gear resembles an old Nazi symbol where a gear held a swastika. Fans are upset, and there is a distinct possibility that Torpedo Moscow may have drawn attention to itself with a riot (not a Pussy Riot…just a normal riot) with intra-city Dynamo Moscow during a Russian Cup game in late September.

This is backed up with a statement from Russia’s President of the Football Development Foundation, Alisher Aminov said in an interview with Russia Today:

“This increased attention by the police is caused by the recent fans’ misconduct at the Torpedo stadium, and nothing more.”

I think that in response to fan riots, police needed to find a scapegoat for the violence. Instead of choosing a person, a player, or a coach – they chose the team’s logo because the problems were started by fans and not the organization. Since fans are a reflection of the organization, changing the team’s full logo can hurt and punish the team.

Changing a logo changes the team’s identity, not to mention from a marketing standpoint – the team would have to create all new merchandise and destroy everything old. This would be a special case because old merchandise would not be seen as “throwback,” it would be simply disallowed by Moscow police because of its connection to fan riots, or in their eyes, a connection to Nazi Germany.

There are strange things going on in Russia and I’ll let you decide for yourself whether or not the logo is similar to the old Nazi symbol.

Torpedo Moscow vs. Nazi Gear Symbol. // Credit: Forum


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