Yummy,Yummy in My Tummy

The absolute deliciousness that comes from curry powder, a ketchup-like sauce, and a sausage is just fantastic.  Currywurst is a simple German recipe that involves these ingredients.  Considering the fact that I despise (and I’m saying that lightly) ketchup, and I’m talkin’ up this dish, is saying a lot.  IT’S SO GOOD!  There’s something about the combination of sausage, the ketchup-based sauce, and the slight kick of curry powder, that make your taste buds have a party in your mouth.  This Berlin specialty can be purchased from street vendors, in the train station and even at the Berlin-Tegel Airport.  Either way, it is money well spent, and it will keep you full until your next meal.

If you’ve ever had a gyro and fell in love with it, just wait until you try a Döner kebab.  In my opinion, the Turkish Döner kebab is the same idea as a gyro, except it’s filled with more goodies and has a larger variety of sauces and veggies added onto it. (For those of you who have never tried/heard of a gyro, it’s a pita pocket filled with meat, yogurt sauce, tomato and onion).  Döner has really taken off in Germany.  Developed by Turkish immigrants in Germany, Döner caters to German taste buds.  Typically, lamb meat is used, and there are several options for sauces; garlic, yogurt, hot sauce, and herb sauce.  Sauce, veggies, lettuce, onions and cucumbers can be added between the meat.  You can add as many sauces and veggies in order to cater to your favorite flavors.

According to Tarkan Tasyumruk, the president of the Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDID), annual sales of Döner add up to 2.5 Billion Euros.  Döner costs around 2 Euros, or about $2.75.

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