Greece host Open House Worldwide

Open House Thessaloniki

How much do you pay attention to buildings you pass by and stop to look at them? Do you regard architectures as things to appreciate along with other artifacts? Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, provides an event called, “Open house worldwide.” Private and public sites will open doors on the day to people giving a chance to think about what architecture makes itself special within the city.

Greece became a member of the Open House family this month and will present 60 selected sites of architecture to the public for one weekend from Nov. 23rd to 25th. The idea of Open House Worldwide initiated in London in 1992 and 21 cities all over the world have joined drawing people to the cities since then.

Saint Sophia Church from 8th century


So how people will actually enjoy this opportunity? There are some reviews from previous visitors of Open House from other cities.

A visitor of Open House in England said “Open House Weekend was a chance for everyday plebs like me to have a look inside some of the city’s most remarkable buildings.” He took the opportunity to visit some of London’s unique libraries. Another blog said, “One of many London buildings not usually accessible to the public is the Victorian Bethlem Hospital at the Imperial War Museum. (…) Some of the distinct hospital locations, however, will be open for visitors on Saturday 18 September only, as part of Open House London weekend.”

Barcelona also hosted Open House last October, and a blogger posted, “So what is there to see? (…) For anyone fascinated by architecture, history or just Barcelona itself, this weekend is sure to be a real eye-opener. Check out the program either by day or district or there’s a map showing all of the locations.”


Architectural Center from 1900s

A Greek blog talked about the Open house was translated: “For one weekend, sixty public and private buildings open doors to the public free of charge and the city turns into one big museum, with exhibits of the same buildings and architecture, contributing to the emergence of the importance of architecture in daily lives.”

A lot of people are showing interest on The Open House of Thessaloniki with 1,307 likes on Facebook and 110 twitter followers. It launched the official website introducing architectures ready to be open. They include residential, educational, cultural, or public buildings and monuments built from the ancient world to Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the early 20th century.

Open House encourage people’s involvement through official website where people can suggest buildings and sites that they think are meaningful.

It is a good thing that Greece has joined Open House family as a birthplace where western architectures have stemmed from. The value of architecture is well demonstrated in Frank Lloyd Wright’s saying: “The mother art is architecture, without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization.”

People who are interested in architecture but did not know where to begin, Open House  Thessaloniki will be a great start to look into building around them, and for those from different places will also be able to appreciate what kind of characterful architectures are in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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