How to Be Sad with Frightened Rabbit

Why the sad face, Frightened Rabbit?

Why the sad face, Frightened Rabbit?

Having a bad day? Bad Life? Are you “looking for a place to lie, guess a grave will have to do”? Then I would highly suggest that you turn on some Frightened Rabbit. This Scottish Indie-Rock band has perfected melancholia, and validates your sadness in a way that you didn’t know you wanted. 

The band formed in 2003, in Selkirk, Scotland, but is now based in Glasgow. They’ve spent their

Frightened Rabbit rocks out on stage

Frightened Rabbit rocks out on stage

last 11 years touring and making music that is both sad and deliciously clever. Their own blog is surprisingly upbeat (I was shocked my all the exclamation points), but don’t let it fool you.

While they probably aren’t coming to a city near you anytime soon, I would argue that sometimes the best way to listen to them is while you’re crying on your bathroom floor.

In preparation for that moment, I have compiled a list of 5 Frightened Rabbit songs you should listen to and when you should listen to them.

“My Backwards Walk” 

Type of Bad Day- Your soul has just been crushed and you now need to start your whole life over.

While this song is most explicitly about a break up, it could suffice for any major screw up or loss. It very perfectly illustrates the feeling of needing to move on, but not being able or ready to do so.


Type of Bad Day- You keep making the same mistake over and over again, and now you have confined yourself to a life of misery.

Everyone does this. You know something is going to end up badly, and you do it anyway. And then it ends up badly. Frightened Rabbit would call that “shooting yourself in the foot.”

“If You Were Me”

Type of Bad Day- You had to make a tough decision, and it is haunting you, and may continue to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you choose the hard place. But it’s the only thing you could’ve done.

“Nitrous Gas” 

Type of Bad Day- You are so sad and you would prefer to just sit in your melancholy forever and ever. You’d prefer to bring everyone down with you too. Everything sucks. Leave me alone.

“The Loneliness and the Scream” 

Type of Bad Day- You feel all alone in the world, and there’s no one there to care. That’s not true though. Frightened Rabbit is always there for you.

Well, I hope you are all prepared for your next bad day, and if not, Frightened Rabbit has 4 full-length albums and 2 EPs! There’s got to be a song somewhere in their discography to sympathize with your sadness.

…and for a little lit of Eurokulture, Frightened Rabbit’s love/hate letter to Scotland in song format:

“Scottish Winds”

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  1. How did you find out about this band? Have they had any actual success in the past 11 years?

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