Interview with British Soul Singer Midé

Screenshot 22:01:2013 21:06-2After releasing a string of EPs, British singer-songwriter Midé has released his long-awaited debut album ‘E.G.’

After listening to the 14-track project, I find it has a unique sound of jazzy-soul. The take your homework to the park-layout that comfy blanket-and chill type of sound. Every track is perfectly placed, and you can press play and not have to worry about skipping a song. Oh, and did I mention the band? Yes, Midé plays with a live band. And I don’t know about you, but my ears enjoy a good live performance. No matter how advanced technology becomes, there is nothing like the real thing.  It touches the soul.

On The Come Up TV writer Craig Abs describes Midé as a “vocal interpretation of Muhammad Ali, floating like a butterfly through the verses and (mildly) stinging like a bee on the hooks.”

Intense right? I thought so too. Paired with his sound, incorporation of live instruments and a description like that, I had to learn a little more about the rising artist.

Latisha Hickem: Midé, tell me about yourself; where are you from, and how old are you?

Mide: I am a Nigerian-born Brit in my 20s.

How would you describe your sound? You call it ‘Alternative Soul”, explain…

I actually went with Alternative Soul because I thought the having Alternative before the “Soul” kept the door open for some of the other influences I was putting into the music. I feel like people have a solid idea sometimes of what they expect soul music to sound like. But with me I find sometimes I lean in other directions while still maintaining a soulful element. Like I might have Folk Soul, Neo Soul, Soft Rock Soul (If such a things exists), etc. So it’s really a kind of disclaimer.

Many may be surprised to know you started out as a rapper, tell me about the change of heart…

This is a funny story. When I say I started out rapping, I meant more just reciting other rappers verses in college [and] high school… nothing too serious. But out of that came a love of words and poetry, which later evolved to become songs written to music. So maybe I wasn’t worthy of being called a rapper but it was one of the roads I travelled to get here.

Where are you right now with your music career?

I’m at a point I’ve never been before. I have just released my first full-length project and I’m going on a national tour to play live in front of audiences across the UK. I love the adventure of it and I’m also humbled to be able to do that for a living.

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How do American soul singers differ from those in London?

I find that in London, most times, it seems that Soul music comes from the outside in. We hear about a lot of American soul artists and we even support them when they come to town.  America, being the birthplace of that sound, is no doubt a kind of Mecca and we look to American Soul artists as a kind of pioneer. Of course no one can really have a monopoly on a style or genre, so there seems to be an emerging Soul collective in London.

Tell me about your debut album E.G. — the inspirations, the influence, and so forth, think: “E.G, decoded.”

The new album came about as a collection of songs I’d been working on for some years. I released a couple of EP’s to broach the subject of me as a solo artist and then I decided I wanted to be known as an album artist or a concept artist.

The inspiration for the songs varies quite a bit. Sometimes from something as mundane as people who gossip (Hilda), to a watered down expression of my feelings when I lost my dad (Holding On).

I wanted the album name to be something that showed the different styles and concepts I was capable of and thats where the name came from: “E.G” – For Example.

Where can we find you on the web, and hear more of you?

I really love to meet new people so hit me up. You can listen to me and find out more about me online here:




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