Is 7 Billion People in the World Enough?

Guess what? The 7 billionth person was just born. Just after midnight on October 31st , the 7 billionth child was born in Kalingrad, Russia according to Der Spiegel. This, of course, is a rough estimate seeing as there is no way to know exactly how many people are currently alive in the world. The child was given a certificate, a play rug from the government and a package with a number of practical items from the mayor.

Recently, the UN decided to leave it up to each country to decide what they wanted to do to commemorate this momentous occasion. The Russian government decided to not only make it the specific number but a specific child. They chose this particular child to “draw on the countries demographic problems,” Alexander Mordovin says. He points out the problem that Russia’s birthrate is the lowest it’s been in history. It’s predicted that in 40 years, Russia’s population will fall from 142 million people to under 100 million people. This is exactly what the UN wants.

Image Taken from Google Images

Recently, the UN released a report that urged the countries within the UN to start decreasing their birthrates before we breed ourselves out of survival. In Europe, however, the average birthrate per country is 1.6 children per woman. This means that the population of Europe is actually shrinking, which, because of the rising hunger rates around the world, and the rising cost of living, I believe is good.

I was reading an article on the British Red Cross blog about how at the current projected birthrate of the world we will run out of food and natural resources very quickly. In fact by 2050 we will have 2 billion more mouths to feed, meaning we will have to increase our food production by over 75%. This will put a strain on an already strained world food supply.

I strongly agree with the UN’s stance. I believe that if we keep with the current birthrate around the world then we will breed ourselves into extinction. Thus, we will have more people than we can efficiently support. Unless the governments of the world don’t step in and stop the overpopulation, we WILL run out of food and we WILL end up causing our own demise.

For more information watch this video.