Italy Celebrates Curves

Real men like curves; only dogs go for bones

When Americans think of models, we imagine a tall, slender woman.  Their long, skinny cigarette legs have long been popular in both Europe and America; however, now Italian Vogue is seeking to change that with their new magazine “Vogue Curvy.”

Italy has not seen the beautiful hourglass shape since the Renaissance and now it’s back, and in full force.  With nearly 20% of Italy’s lady population overweight and size 14 as the biggest seller in Italian stores, the timing for Vogue’s new curvy magazine seems quite fitting. After all, just because you’re curvy does not mean that you are overweight.

As Italians continue to embrace the voluptuous new style, they are loving beauties like Kim Kardashian, who is known for her large posterior, short stature and obvious curves.  Kim is even pictured on the Vogue Curvy website.  This fashion icon and her sisters are adding to the newfound acceptance of shapely women by starting an American clothing line.  In Italy this trend is going on too with nearly twenty new brands of curvy women’s clothing popping up.

Some say this trend was spurred by the death of famous Italian model Isabelle Caro. While the cause of Caro’s death has not been officially confirmed, it would seem quite obvious when you see her that she died from a terribly tragic case of anorexia.  This put the skinny girl problem out into the public for discussion and led to the new curvy trend.

When it came time for the Miss Italy pageant, the contest sought out curvy women to try to reflect the real image of Italian women. “Miss Italy should reflect the beauty of Italian women and in Italy that is made up with a majority of women who are size 14 or above, so it is a reality of the country’s social make up,” said the pageant’s representatives. Miss Italy called for curvy women to represent Italy to the world. And why shouldn’t curvy women stand out, as they are starting to become the majority.

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  2. This is great! I think the media would do well to promote different body types. Fashion companies have begun using more diverse models in the past couple of years – Asian and African rather than purely arian-looking girls – and I think curves are the next step. Magazines undoubtedly affect how women view and feel about themselves, and I’m glad Vogue is working to make more of those feelings positive.

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