Kool Savas, Xavier Naidoo under attack: Hidden track leads to outrage in Germany

It’s not only beer brewing in Germany these days. No, sir. Something far more controversial has been fermenting over the past days. Two of Germany’s most popular singer/musicians – rapper Kool Savas and soul singer Xavier Naidoo – have been making headlines for their collaborative CD creatively titled Xavas. It isn’t the tracks listed on the CD that are causing a stir, but rather a hidden track titled ‘wo sind’ – not listed on the CD – that has led the men in being accused of inhumanity, race-baiting, glorifying violence, as well as relating homosexuality to pedophilia. It seems these boys like a good ole’ foamy controversy-ladened concoction…or do they?

Upon the highly publicized release of their CD, the youth organization of the left party (die Jugendorganisation der Linkspartei) – die Linksjugend Solid – complained to the police about the song and its seemingly disturbing and offensive content.

So what is it about the song that is offensive? Here’s a graphic, yet examplatory sample from the song’s text:
“I’ll cut you all in the arms and legs and [explitive] in the ass just like you do to the little ones. I am only sorry, not mad. Nonetheless I would kill you all. You all kill kids and fetuses and I will squash your balls. You all simply have no length and your small dicks aren’t in hand. Why do you not like pussy? Because everyone comes out of one.”

The song goes on to ask questions such as “where are our helpers? Our strong men? Where are our leaders (using the controversial, Adolf Hitler provoking word ‘Führer’)? Where are they now?” This, of course, in the utilization of the word ‘Führer’ is a controversy all on its own..

There is no denying these lyrics are over-the-top and vulgar. Here are some Tweets:

Dieser Hidden-Track “Wo sind” von XAVAS ist echt Heavy von den Lyrics her O.o


Wieso zur Hölle lädt man Kool Savas auf ein Benefizkonzert zugunsten von Kindern ein? #battlerap http://tinyurl.com/awat2fb


.@Kraftklub voten wohl nicht für Xavashttp://ow.ly/floYx  #krone12 Voting:http://ow.ly/flp9R 


Just to be fair, here are some more positive tweets:

It’s a Xavier Naidoo kind of day… http://ow.ly/ff5sI 

I don’t listen to Xavas but thankful for their facebook post supporting the LGBT community. Glad Xavier shows that side of Christianity.

Despite this heaviness and vulgarity, and quite frankly the unnecessary images their text provokes, I do stand on the side of Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas and believe what they have to say about their song.

According to Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas, their intentions were meant to be informative and thought provoking instead of being hateful, homophobic, and threatening. On the homepage of their joint-project, Kool Savas explains “Ich would like to make clear that it wasn’t the intention of the song to position homosexuality and pedophilia on the same lines, or to provoke violence against [other] people.” Naidoo, who was propelled to popularity with hits such as ‘dieser Weg’ and ‘Ich kenne nichts’, indicated that as an 8 year old kid he, too, had to suffer through pedophilic abuse. They take the position that pedophilia in Europe is a much bigger issue than most are aware of.

I can somewhat understand the hostility against the artists for the song and its content; however, one only needs to listen to a song by almost any American rapper (I recommend Lil’ Wayne or old-school Eminem for violence against women), or Skipknot for the non-rap fans, if they want vulgarity, violence, and racism. If one would only look into Xavier Naidoo’s and Kool Savas’ past, you’ll find a much different character – and content – being portrayed by each individual.

Luckily for them, the police have decided not do anything legal against the singers. Good for them. And good for Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas. For those with sensitive ears, this song may not be for you. I recommend a cold brew with a chill out session and, of course, some time to think how silly (and way to serious) you’re being. For German seriousness, please see my last blog post.

Of course, hot topics lead to a difference in opinion and not all may feel the way I do. Opinions are a lot like humor – not everyone sees it the same. So don’t take my word for it – formulate your own and if you get the urge to respond to this post, I’d like to hear from you!

(Translations done by me).