Lady Gaga vs. Lady Guttenberg

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is currently Germany’s defense minister. He strives to be seen as a “cool” conservative in order to get the interest and attention of younger generations. He urges that Germany and it’s lawmakers need a new way of doing things, including eliminating mandatory military service. However, his family may not be helping him out too much…

Karl’s wife, Stephanie Guttenberg, has recently written a book called “Schaut Nicht Weg!” or, “Don’t Look Away!” in English. Her new book is meant to be literature that speaks to cases of sexual abuse. So, you’re asking yourself, “What on Earth does this have to do with Lady Gaga?” The answer is that she condemns multiple pop culture icons such as Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and ,with special attention paid, Lady Gaga.

Guttenberg argues that the internet is chalk full with pornographic images. At the same time, the internet is a very important place where pop culture is spread and this pop culture often plays with sexual images. So, in Stephanie Guttenberg’s mind, having pornographic images in the same place as sexy pop stars means that these pop stars are contributing to cases of sexual abuse? I think not!

I could potentially see someone making an argument that these new pop icons undermine important morals of society (one could probably use the video above to make that argument). But, saying that pop stars are increasing cases of sexual abuse due to them being in the same forum as pornography is ridiculous! There are also pictures of Hooters waitresses on the internet, but I would never blame that waitress for an orphan being subjected to sexual abuse! And, just to add a touch of irony, this is the same Stephanie Guttenberg who met her current husband at the Love Parade in 1995!

These statements have certainly made her some new enemies and I can’t imagine that her Husband, defense minister Karl-Theodor Guttenberg, is too happy about her taking such an extreme conservative stance when he is trying to be viewed as a “cool” conservative.

Everyone knows, the first step of being “cool” is being down with the Gaga.

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