Little People on a Mission

Have you fallen in love yet with the little French live wire named Capucine? Her adorable videos have an internet audience of over one million viewers. Her fame began at age 2 when she ate too much candy and now she is a captivating story teller at just 4 years old! The videos trace back to a video blog that her mother has kept since May 2006. Is it Capucine’s imagination or adorable use of the French language that is attracting the attention of people in France and around the world? Perhaps it is a combination of the two that has made her an internet hit.

Capucine and her mother are using this attention to promote a fundraising project. Their goal is to build a library for children in Mongolia by partnering with Edurelief, a Mongolian education fundraiser that began at the University of Oregon in 2005. They are selling the Capucine’s artwork in the form of buttons, t-shirts, and other merchandise to raise money for a project entitled “Capucine’s Library“. How can you say no to a precious little girl asking in French for your help?

YouTube has created many internet video sensations around the world, but nothing captures an audience like cute kids. David After Dentist is another young YouTube star. Fans have created remixes and satirical versions of David’s famous video. This American boy has over 30 million viewer and has started his own charity.

With the help of their families, children like Capucine and David have turned their internet fame into a philanthropy. Is it a trend or just families that care? Either way, their efforts toward change are a sparkle of hope for the future of this world.