Liverpool FC terrorist fans

Koptalk, a Liverpool FC fan blog, has come up with an interesting way to get rid of owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

A Liverpool FC fan shows his dissatisfaction with the club's American owners at one of the team's matches.

The article titled “Get the baseball bats and ski-caps ready,” in which author Duncam Oldham encourages angry Liverpool fans to use vigilante justice on the pair of American owners, has been quite controversial among the club’s fans, especially at a time when Europe is being threatened by major terrorist organizations that an attack is imminent in the near future:

If George Gillett and/or Tom Hicks remain in control of Liverpool Football Club come the end of the season, I will be calling for such action to take place. I will be urging every passionate Red out there who has a ‘set’ and who is capable of donning a ski mask and waving a baseball bat in a menacing manner, to step up to put the frighteners on these two and everyone they associate with including any companies that support them. While the efforts must be applauded and acknowledged, the only action that I believe will work is militant.”

This is the photo that appears on Oldham's blog site in which he encourages fans to "get out the baseball bats and ski masks" to attack Liverpool FC's owners.

Oldham later inserts a brief disclaimer, stating that he won’t condone inflicting actual bodily harm, before calling for ‘militant action’ designed to “scare the shit” out of Hicks and Gillett.

While I believe in and will call for militant action against the present owners if they are still in charge come the summer, what I do not believe in is anyone getting physically hurt. Tempting, yes, acceptable, no. Now while it could prove difficult to board a 747 to Dallas with ski masks and baseball bats, it’s not difficult picking up a phone. Seriously, it’s time to scare the shit out of them.”

Since the article was published, a police investigation has been launched after a local paper ran with the story that the editorial may have been in breach of “any number of public order offences.” Oldham also posted a follow up on the website, in which he says that the fans that were worried about his editorial “must be a bunch of wusses.” In that article, Oldham justifies his post by saying:

Would I condone stoving Hicks’ head in with a baseball bat? Of course not. Would I condone dousing him in flour every time he turns up at Anfield, yeh, why not? A couple of eggs, some milk and we could bake him alive and make one huge Yorkshire Pudding. Waving a baseball bat around is actually peaceful. It only makes a noise when it makes contact so I would say my suggestion was a peaceful one.”

Oldham isn’t the only Liverpool fan that is frustrated with the ownership. In this YouTube video, Hollywood director Mike Jefferies repeats the message over and over again: that his, as well as other fan’s, patience with the club’s owners has run out.

Regardless of a more civil approach such as that of Jefferies, SoccerLens, a blog that covers multiple types of soccer stories, said in their commentary about Oldham’s posting that they are worried about what a posting like this might cause other fans to do, especially when fans have been known to attack soccer players in the past. Check out this video where a fan comes onto the field with a knife and attacks a player after he scores a goal around 45 seconds into the video.