McDonald’s Breakfast until Noon: Are You Lovin’ It?

Ever go to McDonald’s expecting breakfast only for this to happen? *watches video*

Well, if you’re in Spain, you don’t have to worry about missing out on hotcakes and sausage until 1 pm. That’s right: 1 in the afternoon.

When I visited Spain, I had to adjust to their schedule. Stores close down from 2-5 for siesta, and dinner doesn’t start until 10 pm. With Spain’s economic struggles, a New York Times article addressed a Spanish campaign to change the country’s time schedule in order to increase worker efficiency.

Despite these attempts, McDonald’s extended its breakfast hours. Now, you can sleep-in even later and still get your sausage McMuffin until 1 pm on the weekends (noon on weekdays) at most locations in Spain, one hour later than other locations in Europe. Compare that to the United States, where breakfast stops at 10:30 am.

Toast with tomatoes: slightly less terrible for you

Toast with tomatoes and olive oil: slightly less terrible for you

In addition to McDonald’s new hours, the company launched a 4 million Euro  (approximately 5.5 million USD) campaign promoting its new breakfast menu. It’s not uncommon for McDonald’s to alter the menu to account for regional differences across the globe.To compete with local cafés, McDonald’s new breakfast menu in Spain now includes toast with tomatoes and olive oil and a wider range of coffees.

The McDonald’s España facebook page has over 500,000 likes. When McDonald’s announced the new breakfast campaign, it received about 1,000 likes. I’ve found a few different reactions on twitter. One person said that McDonald’s breakfast, regardless of the menu, scares her. Other people reacted more positively, saying they enjoy the new menu.

Translation: “Finally a breakfast that I like!”

McDonald’s new slogan for the breakfast campaign is “Despierta Tu Sonrisa” or “Wake Up with a Smile”

The video says, “if you start the day well, we all start well.” I don’t know how you feel about starting your day with McDonald’s for breakfast, but for me, I start my days with McDonald’s when I’m hungover and willing to shell out two bucks for two sausage McMuffins.

I understand the cultural differences concerning eating times, but this seems like just another ploy for McDonald’s to exploit consumers.