Meet Eurokulture’s editors

2014 Editors

Ryan DautenhahnRyan Dautenhahn: is a senior that majors in German and International Studies. In his free-time he enjoys playing and listening to music, longboarding, and brewing beer. He suffers horribly from “Wanderlust,” and strives to find a career that involves traveling the world. He spent six years in the Army, and has one combat deployment to Afghanistan. Upon graduation he plans to pursue a Masters in German.

36f7b19Irina Franz: Irina is a senior at University of Missouri. In May of 2014 she will graduate with a dual major in International Studies and Russian. Irina hopes to find a steady job in Seattle, Washington in early June. In her spare time she loves to hike with her dogs and work with ceramics.

1267977_10151984332620962_526556698_oPhilip Joens is a Senior Business Journalism major at the University of Missouri. He interned at KTIV News 4 in Sioux City, Iowa in 2013. He has also worked as a reporter for the Missouri Business Alert. Joens is also an avid baseball collector and umpire in his free time. You can Follow his blog “Adventures of a Future Sportswriter” at

Dan Neuhaus is a History and German major at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He greatly enjoys listening to and playing music, and broadcasts a late-night show on KCOU. Dan also loves exploring the many trails and parks around his home state of Missouri, but is “very scared” of wild boar. When hungry, Dan enjoys experimenting around the kitchen and would recommend trying some nice goat shanks.

525744_10151253202455622_1170687847_nJames Jordan is a senior at the university of Missouri majoring in international business. He is an advocate of sustainability issues and is active in student government. James is fluent in French, having studied the language for eighteen years. He enjoys art house cinema and public radio and volunteers for organizations promoting both. In his free time James enjoys reading, yoga, running, and bicycling.

1511001_10203340319775612_525280572_nMaria Nesterova: Maria is a senior Political Science and Russian dual major and Psychology minor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Maria is a native of Rostov-on-Don, Russia and moved to the U.S. at the age of eight. She is a vegan liberal who regretfully likes Chick-fil-A and bad puns.

IMG_7908Rachel Wittel: Rachel majors in broadcast and German at the Missouri School of Journalism, expected to graduate in May 2015. She reports and anchors for mid-Missouri’s NBC affiliate, KOMU-TV8. As a Chicago native, her goal is to end up working back in the city she’s grown up loving. Rachel has studied German since junior high school, and she plans on finally studying abroad in the summer. Check her out

selfeditJeremy Hart: Jeremy is a dual major in German and English with an 87 mph fastball and a passion for arriving 5 minutes early. He hopes to travel the world and become a certified Verleger, so he may have enough money to buy 2 queso dips at dinner.

Caroline ElliottCaroline ElliottCaroline Elliott is a specialist in all things digital. She currently conducts blogger outreach, website optimization and campaign reporting at Content All Stars, where she has been a content marketing specialist since spring 2013.  While at the Missouri School of Journalism, she has competed in three separate digital competitions, which allowed her to not only enhance her presentation skills and become proficient in data analytics but also gain real world experience by working closely with professionals.

RundquistLauren Rundquist: Lauren Rundquist is a student and artist from Saint Louis with a passion for all things colorful and messy.  Through her brand LaQuist, she creates and sends unique pieces of wearable art across six continents.  She delights in playing in the sunshine and, of course, traveling near and far.

Natalie Kirst: Natalie Kirst is a Sophomore Journalism Major at the University of Missouri. Originally from Wisconsin, she enjoys all types of cheese and refuses to put a winter jacket on unless it is below freezing. With that said, she also refuses to go on any vacation where there isn’t a beach involved.

HickemLatisha Hickem is a Communications student at the University of Missouri. She’s the girl with the notepad in her pocket, and camera in hand, spreading love and light. She is currently editor-in-chief of, a nonprofit online news source, delivering unbiased, and empowering content to bring awareness to the truth as accurately as possible.

Rebecca Kirkle: Rebecca is a senior German and linguistics major at the University of Missouri. After graduation, she plans to spend time teaching English abroad before pursuing a graduate degree in linguistics. She enjoys cheese, warm weather, and a daily dose of Jeopardy!

cropped photoSasha Gubina is quite the character. A sophomore at the University of Missouri, she is pursuing International Studies and Russian degrees. She studies, volunteers, works, eats, and sometimes sleeps at the university. In her spare time Sasha enjoys listening to 60’s tunes and catching up on new episodes of New Girl and Scandal.

Blog PhotoShannon Fox is currently a senior at the University of Missouri, studying International Relations. She has taken French for many years and is approaching conversational ability. Recently, she returned from teaching English to elementary school students in Korea. Learning about other cultures fascinates her.

ekpCory Schmitt is a junior Information Technology student from the St. Louis area. He enjoys watching and playing sports, going on hikes, traveling whenever he gets the chance and learning at every opportunity. His dream is to better connect the world and bring it closer together.

1077561_10152060176247506_1139617532_oDJ Cunningham is a senior international studies, political science, and German major at Mizzou. He occupies his time thinking about how much he would like to have a real grown-up job after he graduates, and his interests include the Syrian civil war, cryptocurrency, professional sailing, video games, and homebrewing.

IMG_3667FIX3Nichole Cartmell: is a senior broadcast/convergence journalism student at the University of Missouri. She currently works as a reporter for the KOMU 8 News, in Columbia, Missouri. She also writes a variety of stories for Newsy, a multi-sourced, multi-platform video news service. In Nichole’s free time, she enjoys the outdoors and experimenting with recipes.

IMG_2604_2Alyssa Johnson is pursing a degree in strategic communication at the Missouri School of Journalism. Alyssa hopes to travel as much as possible and will begin checking countries off her bucket list during a backpacking trip across Europe this summer. She enjoys time with friends, cooking and yoga and hopes to one day work in the country music entertainment industry.

604144_10200424423266818_1606561624_nRobbie Acuff is a senior German and International Studies dual major at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he was born and raised. He spent two semesters studying in Berlin and five months as an au pair in Bavaria. He enjoys exploring the extremities of city and country life. Also beer.

UntitledDan Catanzaro studies International Business, focusing on Spanish and economics, at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Despite his attempts to eat healthily, he easily falls victim to donuts and fried chicken. Dan enjoys basketball, trivia, and chasing dogs. In another life, he was a rapper.

3302f1bJasmine Dell and she attends the University of Missouri. She works a lot outside of school.  She works for Landmark Bank and is a Journalism major with a minor in German.  She grew up in the military living all over the world.  Her favorite place she lived was Ramstein, Germany when she was in middle school. Now she calls Monument, Co. home.

Caleb Siefkas is a senior Russian major at the University of Missouri.  He has traveled throughout the United States and parts of Mexico and hopes to go even further abroad in the future.  He enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset and reading Russian literature under the light of the rising moon.

BloodlustMurielle Merritt is a senior English major at the University of Missouri. She studied for 6 months in Manchester, England and can honestly say, without laughing, that there, a (medium-sized) part of her soul remains. Her hopes and dreams include dispersing numerous other medium-sized parts throughout Europe, starting with Berlin.

2012 Editors

Brian Bondus –Brian is a senior broadcast journalism major at the University of Missouri.  Brian reports and anchors form the NBC affiliate, KOMU 8 News, in Columbia, Missouri.  Brian also writes entertainment, tech, and sports stories for Newsy, a multisource video platform for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and other handheld mobile devices. He has worked with KMOX, the CBS radio affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri covering the Missouri legislature for a semester.  Brian also had the opportunity to intern for Golf Channel in its talk-show department.  Brian’s from Carmel, Indiana and enjoys golfing and music in his free time.


Bobby Watson – is inspired to photograph and sample the myriad of cuisines and cultures of the world as they shape and influence American’s lives today. Mostly the cuisines, though. Bobby wants to know how only the importation of the perfect and most hotly demanded cultural icons have created a confluence of imported attitude, artistry and amazing food!! This trip will go from headwaters to bottled water. Bobby is a senior Photojournalism and Russian studies dual-major at the University of Missouri—Columbia.

Shelby Brokaw is a journalism student at the University of Missouri-Columbia with an emphasis in strategic communications. Outside of class, she occupies her time with excessive amounts of ballroom and swing dancing, the occasional baking venture and graphic design. She loves to travel, as is all too evident by the postcard collection that spans her apartment wall.

Dmitry Choukline – From Russia with love comes the ethnically confused, emotionally stunted son of a Siberian playboy/backwoods fisherman.  With a love of culture and an unquenchable thirst for meat dumplings, this sushi chef combat Marine and B+ Russian student (No, it’s not cheating) so-sordinaire will undoubtedly cause a few obligated souls reading this to curl up their lips in an appreciative, “Meh.” The desire to please coupled with a greater ability to disappoint Babushkas and Russian teachers alike gives this young father of one matryoshka doll a unique view of a fascinating clash of cultures.

Jennifer Fleming majors in French, International Studies, and Anthropology at the University of Missouri and is a native of Kansas City, MO. Her hobbies include running around outdoors, finding homes for stray animals, cooking, and collecting coffee mugs. Jennifer has spent one summer in Europe and was privileged to see France, Italy and Switzerland and she hopes to return for more!

Stephen Krieger is a senior International Business major emphasizing in Marketing and French. He hails from St. Louis. Outside of class he spends most of his time working as a meat cutter at Hy-Vee, but in the free time he does have he is an avid sports fan, especially hockey.

Jessica LeMayJessica LeMay  is a junior broadcast journalism student at the University of Missouri. She has plans to visit Italy in the Summer of 2013 and document her travels on video. Upon attaining her degree, she hopes to enter the broadcast field as a news producer, and ultimately produce her own talk show.


  Katelyn Martins is a senior Strategic Communication major and Economics minor at Mizzou. While at school she enjoys spending time out and about in Columbia with friends while taking in the town for one last year.  After graduation this native Iowan plans to skip town and move to the Big Apple to pursue a career in the ad world.

Jarrett Seifert – He is a senior studying technical theatre and obtaining a minor in sociology. Currently, he is working as a technical director at a small local theatre. Major interests include art, music, theater, technology, fashion, and tattoos. He speaks a little bit of German and has visited once in high school along with Austria and Denmark.

Cody Smith – is currently a graduate student of German at the University of Missouri.  In 2010, he graduated with a dual major in International Studies and German, as well as receiving his Multicultural Certificate from the University of Missouri.  Although born and raised in Iowa, he became a proud adopted son of the great state of Missouri in 2005.  Cody preferably spends most of his (free) time living in the wilderness with his wife, two children, a dog named Tennessee Williams, and two cats named Hank, Jr. and Pepsi.

Danielle Sprowl is a senior Journalism major and Business minor at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She currently resides in a small suburb outside of Chicago but her heart lives on the east coast in New Jersey where she was born and raised. She aspires to work for a global company as a marketing analyst.  In her spare time she enjoys watching re-runs of House Hunters and indulging in lots of ice cream.


2011 Editors

Claire Taylor is a Strategic Communication and International Studies dual-major student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and loves music, design, language, and learning about other cultures. She has developed a love for French language and culture and hopes to live and work abroad some day.

Josh Cochran is a masters student in his second year of  studies in Musicology at the University of Missouri. His non-scholastic musical activities include arguing for Stone Temple Pilots, pop country, Eazy-E, and white-boy blues, and arguing against white-boy blues, Clapton’s solo stuff, and pop punk.

Jasmin James: Currently a senior Magazine Journalism and International Studies dual major, Jasmin is very interested in studying mass culture and how it effects the way society makes decisions on what to wear, what to say, and who to admire. She has worked with several publications including Teen Vogue and ESPN Magazine and plans to find a happy medium merging ethics, culture and of course fashion into her writing when she begins her post graduate career. While she hails originally from Chicago, she hopes to land somewhere where there’s a coast. She enjoys cooking, shopping, reading and pretending she’s Roger Ebert every time she watches a movie.

Devon Slavens is a student at the University of Missouri. She is majoring in Magazine Journalism and Biology and minoring in Chemistry and German. She loves cooking, evening walks, and reading about anything and everything. She is breaking into the blogosphere hoping to hone her storytelling skills, build a portfolio, and to always have a reason to write something.

Devin A. Robinett is a sophomore at the University of Missouri. He is currently studying German and Hotel / Restaurant Management, with an emphasis on international management. He has been to Germany once, on a cultural exchange program, and is currently working towards going back to Germany for an entire semester.

Olivia Marsh is a sophomore and Communications major and German minor at the University of Missouri.  Olivia was born in Connecticut before moving to Tokyo at age 10.  After 5 years overseas, her family moved to Georgia. She studied abroad in Berlin and has since fallen in love with the German culture and language.

Paige Hornor is a journalism student at the University of Missouri. Her emphasis is in broadcast journalism and she is minoring in French. She currently works at KOMU 8 News, the NBC affiliate for mid-Missouri and enjoys ballroom dancing, traveling, and music.

Dak Dillon is a Photojournalism major at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. From Mid-Missouri, Dak has covered many national events and enjoys finding the next project. Along with photography, Dak is a graphic designer and marketer.

Jamie Tanner is a Print/Digital News journalism major at the University of Missouri. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has had the privilege of traveling to Greece and Paris. He’s an avid soccer, football, baseball and basketball fan. He currently designs front pages for the Columbia Missourian.

Shelby Rudolph is a German Major, Business Minor and Pre-Med student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She comes from St. Louis, Missouri, but has spent a good majority of the past few summers traveling abroad in Austria, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and particularly Germany.  Her interests include Bicycles, Epidemiology, copious amounts of sleep, Felines, and humor.


§kÆ£: Alexander Skelton aka The cosmic traveler, a wayward fellow doling out secrets as he moans at the beauty of the universe.  Undergoing training as a Medicine Man and psychonaught ex·tra·or·di·naire, it is his attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe by applying templates of understanding gained through personal exploration of the human psyche.  After having already explored and lived the physical world over (from London to Japan), the question still stands “Where will the next exploits take him and his band?”

Dina Imsirevic is a German Major and Business Minor at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Dina was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina before moving to St. Louis.  She enjoys traveling, and spent 3 months in Europe for an internship.

Chen Chen is a German Major student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She came from China and was born in a small city located in Middle China by the Yangtze-River. She enjoys cooking, fashion and traveling and had worked 8 months in a travel agency.

Li Tang is a student at the University of Missouri and studies Strategic Communication. She is interested in “Eurokulture” influenced by her family background & travel experience.

Suyoung Moon is a junior studying Journalism at the University of Missroui. Suyoung was born and raised in South Korea. She loves to learn different cultures around the world, and shares her own Korean culture with others. After getting involved in Korean-Polish govermental cultural exchange program when she was a senior in high school, she wanted to learn more about European cultures. She also enjoys traveling, watching movies and trying ethnic foods from all over the world.

Melissa Gall is a student at the Missouri School of Journalism.  She was born and raised in St. Louis and loves all things associated with St. Louis.  She loves to travel, watch and play sports, eat and laugh.

Jinsong Chen is a student of German Literature and Music History at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She comes from China originally but gained her cultural experiences and fascinations with European countries while she studied in Salzburg, Austria. Jinsong’s interests and hobbies include but are not limited to: listening to music, reading literature, watching movies, and cooking.

Gabrielle Lipton is currently completing her degrees in both Magazine Journalism and French at the University from Missouri. Originally from Atlanta, she is an aspiring travel writer with a severe case of wanderlust. She also has a knack for making ice cream.

Annabell Radmann is currently a graduate student of German literature at the University of Missouri. She is originally from Germany and likes travelling, discussing cultural issues and blogging in general.

Patrick T. Fallon is a photojournalism major at the University of Missouri. He grew up in Southern California and spends much of his time working on building his portfolio and enjoying the collegiate life in Columbia.


Ashley M. Reed is a German student at the University of Missouri. She has acquired a bachelors in art history and is now pursuing a second degree before beginning a masters program.  She aspires to be a museum curator, and looks forward to the journey ahead.  Which she hopes will include many trips to Europe, especially Germany.

Anjali Pinto is an aspiring food and documentary photographer from central Illinois who is currently completing her degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. In the fall of 2009, she attended the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Århus, Denmark.

Sebastian Martinez is a dual Russian and broadcast journalism major. He is a native of Columbia, MO but his family is from Peru. He enjoys soccer, making music, and sandwiches.

Ben Frentzel is a magazine journalism major, Russian minor, automotive junkie,piano-playing, cupcake-making, Coldplay-loving student. He grew up in St. Louis, MO across from a high school he’s never been in, with a family he couldn’t miss more. He was never really down with this whole blogging thing but actually likes it now more than “published” journalism.

Nick Forrester is a print and digital news journalism major at the University of Missouri. He grew up in Michigan and loves covering sports. He is currently covering the Missouri men’s basketball team for the Columbia Missourian

Brittany Vickers is a dual Broadcast Journalism and History major at the University of Missouri. She grew up in St.Louis, MO in a house full of love and laughter. She currently reports for KOMU 8 news, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO. She has heard that somewhere there is a limit to all of the social networking one person can do… but between twitter, facebook, blogging, google chat… etc. she’s hoping that she still never reaches that limit.