Mr. Bond

James Bond is one of the most iconic film characters in existence. After 23 hugely successful films it is no surprise that there is a huge fan base spanning generations and geographies. The 007 franchise is the single highest grossing franchise ever after adjustments for inflation. There has been quite a bit of controversy involving the modern adaptations of the famous franchise.

Recently the trailer for the newest addition to the franchise, Spectre, was released. The star of this film, along with Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, and the original Casino Royal reboot, is Daniel Craig. Craig is, in my opinion, the best Bond to date. But this is probably the same way Christian Bale is the only true Batman.

The largest controversy in the Bond history has just recently come to be an issue. There has been much talk of Idris Elba being cast as the next 007 once Craig lets the part go. The 43-year-old actor is most well known for his work in Thor, Prometheus, and Pacific Rim.


Outrage was recently sparked online after former 007 actor Roger Moore was interviewed saying that Elba was not “English-English” enough to play the famous spy. Ian Flemming’s description of bond was “Name: Bond, James. Height: 183cm, weight: 76 kilograms; slim build; eyes: blue; hair: black; scar down right cheek and on left shoulder; signs of plastic surgery on back of right hand; all-round athlete; expert pistol shot, boxer, knife-thrower; does not use disguises” in the novel From Russia With Love. No actor in the movies’ history has matched this description exactly. Bond has been portraid by Sean Connery, a Scott, Timothy Dalton, a Welshman, Pierce Brosnan, an Irishman, and Sir Robert Moore, an Englishman. Elba was born and raised in Hackney, London.

After last year’s Sony email leak, top Sony executives were shown to be thinking, “Idris should be the new Bond”. Outrage was sparked online after the release of Moore’s comments. However Elba never responded. When asked about the role “I blame Daniel” Elba joked. “Honestly, it’s a rumor that’s really starting to eat itself,” he said. “If there was ever any chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone.” Personally, I think Mr. Elba would make a great Mr. Bond.



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