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French Skins Party Facebook Page

A new party craze has hit France. Young French boys and girls, usually 18 to 25 years old, attend “Skins Parties” which France 24 calls “even trashier than Woodstock? Really?” After watching remixed videos on the French Skins Party blog, it appears that the parties are all about dancing, drinking, drugs, and hooking up.

Party goers, or “Skinsofrenes” find the parties via the Internet, Facebook, or local skins event planners. Because the parties are so popular, they are organized months in advance. There are already Skins Parties in the making for the middle of December. The largest Skins Parties happen in big cities, like Paris, Aix, Lille or Lyon.

Skins parties seems to be linked to the British TV series called “Skins,” which began airing in January 2007. The show’s large following has crossed the border into France, where young people are imitating the “skins” lifestyle of partying, sex, heavy drinking, recreational drug abuse and showing lots of skin.

If one TV series can cause this reaction in France, how else can TV influence young people around the world? Do”Gossip Girls” or “GREEK” affect their American audience in the same way, or do the TV shows mimic how American teenagers already act? What kind of messages do shows like “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” or “16 and Pregnant” give young, impressionable American teens?