Oceanic Windmill farms, what will they think of next?

Daily show Talking about EU wind farms

If you would for a moment, take yourself to the realm of the divine imagination where anything can happen. Now start to fill out your visual understanding by providing yourself with a model of earth, specifically its oceans. As you look out across the ocean, you notice vertical white lines seem to be sprouting from the ocean, and on these vertical sticks are mounted propellers. Now that you have exercised your imagination, you have caught up with certain EU engineers who have essentially planted windmills in the ocean to generate energy for cities. But don’t worry, if you haven’t imagined such a thing as offshore wind farms you are in the same boat as the US.

These offshore wind farms offer the potential of trillions of watts of untapped energy being transmitted to our shoreline and inland cities everyday. It will be interesting to see how quickly these places turn into political capital as…

Pioneering farms in the EU and China have already begun to harvest a small fraction of this power, and these nations have made large investments in capturing even more.

Early success in offshore wind farms are affording the EU enough energy to provide for even more magnificent projects, enough so that they could potentially suppy a continents energy needs. The implications of continental energy being afforded without fossil fuels being burned are astounding!

Machines powering other machines 🙂

Interestingly enough

While EU nations and corporations have worked together to build dozens of successful wind farms off their coastal shores, the United States has produced exactly zero so far. This is in spite of about 21% of the world’s wind energy being produced in the US. Look at a list of the world’s top 25 onshore wind projects and the USA is dominating. Look at the same list for offshore sites and we don’t even appear. Despite the great similarity between the two types of renewable energy resources, the US is lagging years behind the EU.

Nysted Wind Farm in Denmark

Early reports on the recently built wind farms have been successful. In fact Europe is considering the option of exponentially expanding these energy farms. One of my only questions is why people aren’t working together in order to a grid-like energy lattice network to power the world off the energy of the world. These mills smell of sea-salt and opportunity, so lets dive in and see what happens…………….ahhhh! shaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!

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