This birth control doesn’t work in France!

What is repulsive in one country can be high-fashion in another.


The last time I traveled through France, I was repeatedly stopped by strangers on the street (and if strangers talk to you in France, they must REALLY want to know whatever they are asking) inquiring where I got what has to be the most repulsive element of my entire wardrobe.

What was this oh horrible of most horrible of things you ask?

U.S. Army issue glasses… affectionately known as BCGs.

B.C.G. stands for Birth Control Glasses, because no woman would ever sleep with you while you were wearing them. They are issued to soldiers who need corrective lenses during their basic training. Soldiers that have passed basic training have the option to get a more human looking pair.

I'm to sexy for my specs!

I'm to sexy for my specs!

These things are virtually indestructible, we played hockey with a pair at my old unit for over a year.

I was wearing this monstrosity around Paris because I had lost every other pair of glasses I had and I’m almost blind without them. To my surprise, I was suddenly a god of high-fashion.

I was asked over and over where these glasses could be bought, however no one was particularly pleased at the prospect of enrolling in the U.S. Army to get a pair of their own.

Fashion varies all over the world, who knows, maybe you don’t need to buy new clothes to stay in fashion, it might be easier to just move.

Check out more French high-fashion at the 2009 Paris Fashion Week.

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