Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo, located near Apeldoorn, “was the summer residence of the Royal Family of the Netherlands until 1975,” according to Trip Advisor.  The palace was first inhabited by King William III and Queen Mary II, and last inhabited by Queen Wilhelmina, states a Dutch travel blog and the official Palace website.

The palace grounds are huge, with multiple attractions to explore. Visitors can take the palace tour and walk through the current exhibit, or walk through the stables, or even venture onto the roof of the palace to get a better view of the gardens.

While visiting Paleis Het Loo I took a number of photographs to capture not only the palace itself, but the beautifully manicured gardens as well.


Walking up to the palace.


One of the palace’s crystal chandeliers.


Dutch painters are known for their skilled artwork, I don’t know who this woman is, but she fascinated me while at the palace.


Walking through the royal stables. I love patterns and found this one interesting.


Queen Wilhelmina’s carriage.


The Dutch flag from the roof of the palace.


The manicured gardens consist of a variety of hedge gardens as seen from the ground.


The manicured gardens consist of a variety of hedge gardens as seen from the roof.


The details of one of the many fountains on the grounds.


Within the gardens.


Another artistic detail of the gardens.


One of the most beautiful sculptural fountains on the outer side of the gardens.


Far away view of this globe fountain centerpiece.


Close-up view of this globe fountain centerpiece.


The palace in the distance of the blooming garden.

2 thoughts on “Paleis Het Loo

  1. I love Baroque Architecture! I thought it was pretty lame until I went to Vienna and visited Schönbrunn palace. The expansiveness of these palaces are awesome. Great photos!

  2. Normally when you see stuff about European palaces it’s either Versailles or the Winter Palace or something similar, so it was cool to see something a little less famous; the pictures are pretty awesome too.

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