I know you all have been super anxious to take your nude hiking trips in Switzerland.  That is a trip that requires a great deal of planning and packing…oh wait.  Unfortunately, you will have to change your plans, because nude hiking is no longer legal in the Swiss canton of Appenzell.

Back in May of 2010, a 47 year old man (who has hiked nude in Switzerland for two years now), was charged with indecent behavior due to hiking nude in sight of a barbecuing area.  Other eyewitnesses say he also hiked by a Christian rehabilitation center.  For the incidents, he was fined 70 Euros (about $93).

Photo Courtesy of BBC.

Appenzell, Switzerland, where the incident took place, is well known as a popular nude hiking destination and Switzerland has no law stating that public nudity is a crime.  They do have a law against public indecency.  Because those who witnessed the nude hiker, felt uncomfortable, he was taken to court.

Now, let’s fast forward to November 17th of this year.  The Swiss court has since thrown out the appeal made by the accused nude hiker and judges determined that Appenzell can uphold a law on public decency.  The judges also stated that the ban on nude hiking “was only a marginal infringement on personal freedom.”

The ruling in Appenzell applies to the entire country.  So, the next time you plan a nude hiking trip, make sure you don’t go to Switzerland.

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Image courtesy of Google.