Power struggle: Putinka vs Medvedeff

This is a light-hearted response to Andrew’s post about how Putin still seems to wield power in Russia over Medvedev.

Apparently, both the prime minister and the president have their namesake brand of vodkas – Putinka and Medvedeff. A half-liter bottle costs exactly the same.

Putinka vs Medvedeff

Putinka vs Medvedeff

As of January, Putinka had 4.4% of the Russian Vodka market, and was the 2nd best selling vodka in Russia. Medvedeff didn’t even make it into the top 20.

Judging from the google search, prospects don’t seem to have improved for Medvedeff as it has yet to launch its own website. Maybe Medvedeff needs more time to emerge from the shadows, as the brand was only inaugurated in December last year and Putinka has been mesmerizing drinkers since 2003. We’ll see.