Public Enemy Number One Part 2: Texting Vs. Textbooks :-(

Have you ever been in class or somewhere far from home and felt a wave of overwhelming panic come over you when you realize your phone is nowhere to be found?

Even lil rascals like this one are finding the need for a cell phone in France. But will he have it for long? Photo courtesy of Laur5785 from Flickr

Even lil rascals like this one are finding the need for a cell phone in France. But will he have it for long? Photo courtesy of Laur5785 from Flickr

No, it’s not lost, it’s at home. Left on the charger. The one thing that you need that you forgot to pick up this morning in a rush.This nightmare happens to many people.

Although you might say to yourself, “It’s fine, I can go one day without my phone,” the reality of what you are missing hits you: missed lunch invitations; a text message from a friend about a forgotten assignment; the opportunity to play Word Mole during a dull meeting; and that call you’ve been waiting for from the cutie you met at your friend’s birthday soiree. Darn.

This feeling of panic and confusion that most people feel when they realize they don’t have their cellular phones will now be an everyday feeling for students under the age of 15 in France who will be forced to go through a whole school day without their handheld bundles of joy.

You see, while only a few years back it was irregular for a child under 15 to have or need a cell phone, now it is a constant in their hands and unfortunately, in class. So much so that Parliament is in the process of ruling to ban children under 15 from bringing mobile phones to school. They aren’t talking about making the students leave the phones in their bags; rather, they don’t want them anywhere on school grounds for those in elementary schools, junior high and high schools, otherwise known as ecoles maternelles, elementaires and colleges. Lycee, or University students obviously wouldn’t be affected.

The ban comes after a survey was done on 12 through 17-year-old students found that half of these young men and women confessed to using their phones during class. Many were even admitting to filming teachers during class as well…peeping Tom’s in the making I see…Some also cite that exposure to cellular phone signals can be dangerous to children. For further information on the health risks of cellular phones, check out the corresponding post by author Asia Jones.

While many people might look at this and think “Cell phones in elementary school!? They don’t need ‘em anyway,” many are up in arms about the possible ruling. Child protection agency Action Innocence opposes the idea because they feel that without cellular phones on school grounds, children wouldn’t be able to inform anyone if they were in trouble or if they wanted to check in with their parents.

While this may be true, those of us over 18 know what’s real. I didn’t have a cellular phone until I was junior in high school, and that was only because I was driving a car to school. From Kindergarten all the way to junior year I used the school phones and went straight home after school unless I was in after-school sports to avoid any drama or trouble. If I went to a friend’s house, I checked in from their residence. I survived without a cell phone, and I’m pretty sure these kids will be alright. In all honesty, I think only one emergency/familial call was made out of all the ones I made in a day during high school, so I doubt the students will be upset because they can’t contact their mommies. And if they are, payphones could slowly make their way back into style…

2 thoughts on “Public Enemy Number One Part 2: Texting Vs. Textbooks :-(

  1. This article is really scary!
    I know that feeling very well, i use my mobile phone every day, but when i forget it at home i have a strange feeling the whole day. I just feel incomplete, and that is scary.
    So am I really addicted to my cell phone?

    Is it really necessary to ban any kind of mobile phones at school? My opinion is that if you ban the cell phones from school, it gets only worse.
    In every school there are some rules, only then the system works.
    One the one hand mobile phones can be quite annoying but on the other hand there can be also life saving.
    I think that it is not necessary for children under 15 to have a cell phone although it is useful.

  2. scary! I’m pretty sure that high schools in US neighborhoods like The Bronx have already banned cell phones on school grounds. Big city life (traveling long distances on public transportation, etc.) would seem to make cell phones more necessary for urban school aged kids and teens. I wonder if US suburban and small-town schools (Rockbridge?) are starting to consider similar measures. they should.

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