Remembering 9/11 Around the World

The United States wasn’t the only country remembering 9/11 on Sunday. France, Belgium, Australia, and England also took part in remembering the thousands of people who died ten years ago.

France’s memorial was the second largest in the world, next to the US. The French memorial was two 82-foot towers surrounding the Eiffel Tower with an American and French flag flying nearby. A memorial service was observed and the towers had the words inscribed on them, “Les Francais n’oublieront jamais,” or “The French will never forget.” The Eiffel Tower could be seen in the background between the two towers, which was definitely a moving symbol of how the French remembered the US. Due to inclement weather, however, only a few hundred people gathered for the memorial ceremony.

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In England, relatives of victims of 9/11 gathered to read the names of those who had died. A rose was laid for each of the 67 Britains who died in the 9/11 attacks in a memorial garden in London. The ceremony was only 30 minutes but Prince Charles, Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour leader Ed Miliband and other dignitaries attended.

Only miles away from the memorial in England, a group of Muslim protesters gathered to burn the American flag. Another small group of Muslims also gathered for a counter-protest nearby to promote peace.

Australian firefighters honored the firefighters who responded to 9/11 by climbing the stairs to the top of Sydney’s tallest building. Hundreds of more people gathered at a ceremony to remember those who had died. In Italy, the Pope offered prayers for those who had died, and in Belgium, flags in Brussels were lowered to half-mast while a French soldier played taps. In Madrid, Spain, hundreds gathered to plant memorial trees and have a moment of silence.

It’s truly inspiring that people all over the world came together to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Every country seems to have its own way of remembering the tragedy, but the important thing is that we don’t forget what happened. I found a blog that was really interesting about the political effects of 9/11 in other countries. It’s definitely worth a read. If you want to see their post, click here.

I think it’s important that so many different countries took the time to remember the tragedies that occurred in the United States and realized that 9/11 easily could have happened in any other country.

One thought on “Remembering 9/11 Around the World

  1. Paige, I really like your post because I think it brings up the very important point that September really was a global event, and not just an American one. It was interesting to learn that so many people around the world took the time to remember 9/11 (in both good and bad ways) and to find out how major some of the ceremonies were (like the ones in England and France) .
    Even though this tragic event happened in the U.S., 9/11 obviously has had a huge impact on countries all over the globe because it has changed how we interact with one another. I am glad that 9/11 has been remembered by so many on a global scale and I hope that people from around the world continue to remember this event for many years to come.

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