Samsonite VERSUS the World-1

Samsonite VERSUS the World

With a comedic angle, Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels put their client’s luggage to the test. Their campaign “Samsonite VERSUS The World” was a three-piece TV series that aired this last February.

According to Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels the agency created this campaign “to showcase that Samsonite luggage truly is a force to be reckoned with.”

Other blogs are just as impressed with the campaign as the agency behind the magic. Between “Samsonite VERSUS Monsoon,” “Samsonite VERSUS Chicken,” and “Samsonite VERSUS” it is clear that all of these videos “reinforce these [suitcases’] merits in a clever and comical way,” says a writer on LBBOnline.

So, take a look at these videos and see for yourself, and hold tight because Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels says to expect additions to this campaign later this year.

Samsonite VERSUS the World-1

“Samsonite VS Monsoon” demonstrates the water resilience of their luggage line by dumping water on a mannequin traveler with his Samsonite luggage. This downpour destroys and soaks everything but the bag, and the contents are completely dry.

Samsonite VERSUS the World-3

“Samsonite VS Chicken” displays how lightweight Samsonite luggage can be. The chicken eating throws the scale out of balance and the bag is then lighter than the Chicken.

Samsonite VERSUS the World-1

“Samsonite VS Gravity” showcases the durability of the Samsonite hard-case luggage. This commercial literally drops a heavy metal item on top of the bag. proving that the extreme will not damage your bag.

All of these situations take normal things that could happen to your luggage and exemplify the effects, thus proving beyond reasonable doubt that this luggage line will protect your belongings, no matter what travel catastrophes that might happen along the way.

After checking this campaign out, I’d say that they definitely proved that Samsonite luggage is all it is cut out to be for travelers worldwide.