Schnell Euro verdienen : Earn Euros quickly

Regardless of how greatly or little one values money, it is to a certain extent non replaceable. After all, everyone needs basic things like a place to live, food, means of transportation and even insurance. So we need money to buy these things to live but how much do we really care about it/ value it?

Most typically people go to work to get the money they need. As an alternative one may be able to make money really fast without having to work by using online strategies. These strategies seem at first glance to be legal and scam free. However, I believe it is wise to be cautious of quick money plans on the internet in case of the possibility of scam. If you are on the wrong end of an internet scam, you may end up losing money quickly, which is the opposite of the desired outcome in the first place!

With online Casinos there exists the possibility to stay at home while gambling. This strategy is for European roulette and claims you could win between 100€ and 500€ every day. Even though this website offers the possibility of winning money through a complex roulette system, the fact of the matter remains that gambling entails risk.

To earn money quickly online there is the possibility of starting a lucrative website. On an Austrian news site there is a detailed strategy for creating such a web site. I can imagine that with the right set up there could be a web site that generates money, but such a site would require great effort. All things considered, there is money in web pages, but it is not a quick or easy task to create and maintain a successful one.

The most fishy of the online strategies to make money are the ones that don’t even have an explanation. A German blogger advertises one such method. This post advocates a website that is supposed to be able to make the user quick-money. Based on the widely unexplained nature of this site, this surely is not a legitimate means to earn money fast. Feel free to visit the blog though, as it is not a direct link to the site.

The conclusion seems to be that making quick-money on the internet is anything but fail proof. The very idea of easily earning money has become so widespread by the internet, which is still a relatively new phenomenon. Surely get-rich-quick schemes have been around long before the internet. The difference between now and then is: before the internet, these easy to gain/ lose opportunities were not nearly as accessible. This ease of accessibility to quick gains and losses over the internet creates an amplified moral dilemma for the internet generation.

3 thoughts on “Schnell Euro verdienen : Earn Euros quickly

  1. Hello Tihmothesaurus,

    I really enjoyed the reading of your article. I have been the victim of many various internet scams, I would say roughly eight or ten. And it has cost me in more than just monetary losses. Some people say I am too trusting of others, but to be honest I would really just like to become rich quick. But after reading your article, I think I will approach situations with more caution to avoid future scams. Thank you for your wise words!


  2. I really like your work Thimotheus. I was once scammed in a get rich quick ponzi scheme over the internet, and then again in a Nigerian letter scam. I truly have been taken advantage of and I am glad to see articles like this one warning people of the dangers of get rich quick plans.

  3. Good article. I agree with your conclusion that making quick money on the internet is not fail proof. One must have a good plan, with good training, and execute the plan to be able to make money online. After all, it is still a business. Only the location is different.

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