(Shades of) Grün -2

Political Green

For Germans, “green” is the color, “green” is the environmental movement, and increasingly importantly it is politics. The changes in Germany’s political landscape accompany the rising awareness of renewable technologies of the public.

Die Grünen – The Green Party

Green party is based on principles of sustainable governance on various aspects of a society, not only on environment. The political party is founded in many nations. The Green Party of the U.S. formed in 2001.

German Green Party Logo

Die Grünen, the Green Party of Germany green has gained significant support from the public and achieved a series of victories. It took control of Baden-Württemberg this spring. As the New York Times put it, it had the same connotation of capturing the Texas statehouse. The Greens are said to have won the cultural war on issues like gay rights and the integration of immigrants. It was also reported that the Greens, though have roots on the left, have tapped into the mindset of the conservatives.

“The party is a more interesting alternative for larger groups in society, not just for people who study environmental policy at university,” said Gustav Fridolin, one of the Swedish Green Party leaders.

As Germany leads the postindustrial world, the Green Party of Germany leads the nation’s postindustrial movement.

The Pirate Party

In comparison to the surging Green Party, the Pirate Party is much younger and recently won its first seats in the Berlin state elections*. It seems to be making its own contribution to the political “green”.

The logo of the Pirate Party Germany

According to treehugger.com, the Pirates call to keep natural areas available for everyone, such as maintaining open access to river banks. It also calls for free public transport, and activates against expanding highways through the city. The Pirates advocate nuclear-free power as well. And its campaign program explicitly calls for “sustainable, ecological economic policy.”

The young political party represents another post-industrial political force.

*In Germany, any party winning more than 5% of the votes is entitled to a share in government. With 8.9%, the Pirate party lands 15 seats in the state government.

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