Spanish Cheesecake? I’ll Give It a Chance

Every birthday, my mom asks me what kind of cake I want. I think for a minute, and every year, I respond, “cheesecake.” As a cheesecake lover, I was excited to find a recipe with the Spaniards’ take on it. Quesada pasiega, or Spanish cheesecake, is a dish from Cantabria, a region in northern Spain.

Because of the Cantabria’s wet climate, cattle have plenty of grass to enjoy. The region relies on cattle byproducts and utilizes them in this dessert.

You probably have most of the ingredients necessary to make quesada pasiega; I had to make a quick trip to the store and purchase ricotta cheese and a lemon. The recipe I followed used ricotta cheese, but other variations of the recipe use yogurt instead of ricotta)


I’m no expert baker, but this recipe is pretty darn easy to make. I had to make-do with the janky mixer we have, so the mixture didn’t turn out as smooth as I had anticipated.

photoAs you can see, there are lumps, but don’t worry, they’re benign.


Look closely for the cannonball dive

The recipe said to cook it for 35-45 minutes, but mine took about 55. It could just be the inaccuracy of our oven’s thermometer, so keep an eye on the quesada. It should be browned on the top and a toothpick should come out cleanly when inserted into the center.


The United State claims this plate

The final product! Mine looks a bit like cornbread compared to the recipe I followed. It tasted like a lemon square. I didn’t mind, but it was not what I epxected


photo (1)I left this plate out for roommates, and it disappeared!

I won’t be asking for quesada pasiega this birthday, but if you’re feeling adventurous, this simple dessert is worth a try.