Sprang Break!!!

Spring Break is a right of passage for college kids around the world. Every year in the U.S. sometime around mid-march, thousands of students perform the grand migration down south for some grand relaxation after mid-terms.

For Mizzou, there is a pretty set schedule of what each year will entail. For freshman, this means Panama City Beach, or PCB. Specifically the Holiday Inn if you’re doing it correctly. All of Mizzou freshman gather packed into small rooms on about 15 floors, and head down to the beachfront every morning, Gatorade jugs full, and then things get somewhat out of control. I have heard stories that would make Chuck Norris cringe. My roommate got peed on in an elevator.

Sophomore year means Gulf Shores, Alabama. Everyone is a little more mature. And everything is a little more laid back. Two miles of rental beach houses fill up, and people get a little weird with their housemates. I am currently writing this from the kitchen of one such house, while everyone else is on the patio partying.

Junior year people tend to either take the break to work on internships or go to a slew of other places. Such as Padre Island or Colorado. Finally Junior year everyone has their last hoorah down in Mexico. Usually either Cabo or Cancun. Obviously it’s much harder for me to elaborate on these last two not having been yet.

I was curious how Spring Break here in the states compared to breaks for other places in the world. Obviously anywhere in Mexico would be a major place to be for Spring Break, just because so many other places congregate there. Coupled with a lack of government enforcement, Mexico easily gets the craziest.

After some research online. It seems like nowhere in Europe does spring break quite the same. This is largely because there is so much variation in the times that each school has their different breaks. The education system being different in those countries has a large impact as well.

Enjoy your Spring Break everyone!

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