The Age of the Internet and Illegal Downloading is Affecting Germany Music industry.

Another year will past and the annual music festival, Popkomm, is cancelled and will never return years to come. It was suppose to take place this week, but the people of German seem not to care about the postponed event.   Popkomm is music event that takes place once every year in Berlin in various locations; it is a time in with people of the music and entertainment industry comes together and talks industry politics, culture, issues, and developments.

Popkomm Trailer 2011

Over the years, Popkomm grew into an international music event that brings musicians, record labels, artists, distributors, and publishers from all over the globe in one place to discuss and debate current trends and issues in the industry. Berlin Music Scene Sheds No Tears for Popkomm Ironically, it seems that the debated issues and trends that recently occurred in the industry led to the cancellation of the Popkomm festival.

The Berlin music industry is calling it quits after years in decrease attendance  Popkomm Shuts Down…. This is not the first time in which Popkomm cancelled; in 2009 the same resulted because of low sales of the event.

People are not interested in the international music event anymore. Why wouldn’t music lovers want to purchase a week of music entertainment that offers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the music industry, and share their opinions?

I feel the same trend that seems to occur in American has affected the Berlin music scene. The Internet has changed the music industry, as we first knew it. In the old days people who support their favorite musicians and artist by purchasing their albums in store, and attending events in which they could see them perform.  This is a moment in which fans and the musician could interact and share a connection, and the moment was magical. This bought so much revenue into the music industry. Everyone was happy and getting paid. Now with technology advancements and the Internet, people are able to download their favorite artist music for free and watch concert performances at the comfort of their home. The personal connection between the musician and artist is all done via social media and is physically gone.

“But how many breaks does Popkomm really need to take to re-conceptualize itself and how long can it get away with that before people lose interest in it entirely?” —Blogger Gavin Blackburn

It just might be too late to save Popkomm, but there is great opportunity for a re-birth of something new.  Berlin Music Week and many other festivals till go on. What are they doing right, and what went wrong with Popkomm?

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6 thoughts on “The Age of the Internet and Illegal Downloading is Affecting Germany Music industry.

  1. This was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, supporting an artist lacks rank compared to our personal entertainment. I’m guilty of this too. Even my favorite artist, Kanye West, has not seen any of my money since his first album. It’s not even as if the cost is unreasonable, but free is better than a dollar. Hopefully, it won’t reach this severity in Germany, but only time can tell.

  2. Developing technology and spreading internet definitely brought a crisis due to free downloading. However, internet increased people’s accessabilty to music and it contributed to some musicians for being renowned globally.

  3. I agree with Tanner. I had never thought about how the internet and social media could tarnish live music, so that was interesting to read about. I think it would be interesting to see if this is only a problem in Germany or other countries.

  4. I think part of the large decline in music sales is definitely attributed to illegal online pirating of music. It’s unfortunate that so many artists- nationally and internationally- have faced this tremendous hit in sales. One thought I would like to entertain is the angle of social media. I wonder if large, planned music concerts such as PopKomm invest enough in social media. Consider ACL, Bonnaroo, or Coachella. Do you think their social media has benefitted their sales or negated them?

  5. It would be interesting to see the music-sales trend over the years to see how much the internet has influenced the music industry.

  6. It is interesting how the internet is disrupting the music industry. I knew it was a major money loss for artists because less people buy cd’s, but I never knew it hurt the live concerts like this. It will be interesting to see how Popkomm and other major music festivals rebound.

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