The Cronut Sensation

America has always had a love for infusing foreign delights into its own creations. The latest craze is a perfect example of this, “the Cronut”. The Cronut is simple, yet magnificent. This creation is simply a French croissant mixed with a donut. This instant classic treat was created by, Dominique Ansel and sold exclusively at Ansel’s bakery in New York City. With great success has come many wanting to copy the genius idea including scalpers selling Cronuts in the streets ranging from $20-40 and even going up to ridiculous prices going as high as $100, according to the New York Times. The Cronut has created lines that wrap around the street. Since the creation, imitators have emerged, including Dunkin Donuts with their release of the “Croissant Donut” as well as other donut companies around the country.

The croissant is an old French pastry that is well known for its crescent shape and butter layers. The croissant has been dated back to the 13th century, spawning from Austria, and was brought to France by an Austrian princess, Marie Antoinette, who moved to France as a new bride. The princess missed the pastry so much that she had it brought to France where it go the name “croissant” for the French word, crescent.

Marie Antoinette

Similar to examples such as Taco Bell, Panda Express, and other foreign-American fusions, Americans have fallen in love with this creation. While this may in fact be just a trend, you can see what similarities all of these trends have. Americans, in general, love foods that have to deal with foreign fusions, and even more so, something different. People love experimenting, especially with simple foods that sound strange, but often surprise people. A similar comparison would be maple and bacon covered donuts. People love to try new food creations that feel adventurous and out of the ordinary.

Overall, this has proven to be yet another success of a foreign-inspired food creation. Only time will tell if this new pastry experiment will last, and if there will be more access to this treat. Based on the lines in New York City, I would assume that it is fair to say that we have not seen the last of the Cronut! If you are feeling adventurous and cannot wait to try the Cronut, I have included a recipe for you to try on your own from ABC News!

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